Steps to Follow

Translate By Humans is one of the most reputed translation services out there and we do not believe in machine enabled translation. For us, the best translations are the ones that are done by a human translator. Our services are easy to access and simple to use. The professionals at Translate By humans are native language speakers and are trained to translate content meticulously. You can ask for our help any time of the day or night at very affordable prices starting from €0.07 per word. You are guaranteed superior quality translations without any additional hidden charges like taxes or management fees.

Read the following guide to find out how to order translations via Crowdin:

Ordering Translations

You can request translations from Translate By Humans in just a few easy steps.  

Step 1: Login with your Crowdin credentials.

Step 2: Look for the Project Settings tab and click on the Vendors tab

Crowdin Project Settings

Step 3: Scroll and select the vendor (Translate By Humans)

Crowdin Vendors

Step 4: Select the language in which you want the project to be translated (target language)


Step 5: Enter the translation details. You need to mention the nature of translation (linguistic testing, source text view or localization assistance etc.)


Step 6: Choose the type of access granted for the task


Step 7: Send a request for a price quotation. Our team will get back to you with the price. Work will begin on your translation request only after you accept the quote.

Request for a Dedicated Manager to order Translations

If you are looking for someone specific to manage your translation processes, we will assign a dedicated project manager to you. However, you need to put in a specific request for the same. The project manager will keep a check on translators, the quality of their work and the deadlines for delivery of the work.