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Why use Translate By Humans for WordPress Localization?

Bridge the language barrier with our all-inclusive localization package for WordPress sites. Simply let us know your requirements, and our tech-savvy team of language specialists will ensure your site is well suited for your global audience. Our services include various attractive features that make us a preferred LSP for website localization.

  • Complete Wordpress Compatibility

    Our services are compatible with all WordPress versions, plugins, and themes. Select one of the many plugins we integrate with or reach out to our support team in case you have any compatibility concerns.

  • End to End Content Management

    With us, you no longer need to add localized content for your site man- ually. Just select your content for translation, place an order and receive localized content right in your WordPress CMS!

  • All Categories and Formats Supported

    Our talented team of specialists leave no stone unturned with their extensive industry experience. We support WordPress sites from various categories and work with all file and format types.

Benefits of WordPress Localization

Even common languages like English are only spoken by 20% of the world population. By translating your website's content in the language your target audience relates to most, you stand the chance to effectively reach out to many more people.

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    Multilingual SEO

    Improve your search ranking with search engine optimization in multiple languages. When you translate and use the correct keywords and metadata in your target language, your site ranks higher and you receive more organic traffic.

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    Higher Audience Engagement

    Connect with your target audience in a language most comfortable to them. Facilitate culturally appropriate conversations and allow your audience a platform to express themselves.

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    Increased Credibility and Conversions

    Customers only believe what they understand. Promote your site to foreign viewers in their native language to maximize the credibility of your brand and increase conversions.

WordPress Integrations

We integrate our services with all major localization plugins - choose one from the list or reach out to us if there is a particular plugin you have in mind.

Supported Languages

We provide multilingual support in all global languages. Find your language listed on the map or contact us for more information.

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Our Translators

Our highly experienced translators have spent several years localizing content for WordPress websites. Their native language expertise and technical abilities make them the best-suited candidates for localizing your site.

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    Burak Aksiray
    Native language: Turkish Fluent in: English
    Burak Aksiray
    Native language: Turkish Fluent in: English
    • Worked with several offices as freelance translator including written, consecutive, and simultaneous.
    • Experience in using Trados Studio, Trados Workbench, TagEditor and SDLX, Wordfast, Idiom Workbench or Across
    • Jobs delivered to the customers at full compliance with the source documents
    • Graduated as 'Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer' from 'ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY', Taksim, Istanbul
    • Working as a freelance translator from 2002
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    Epameinondas Soufleros
    Native language: Greek Fluent in: English, French
    Epameinondas Soufleros
    Native language: Greek Fluent in: English, French
    • Ten years of experience in demanding, mission-critical projects
    • Ongoing collaboration with some of the biggest global companies
    • English-Greek and French-Greek, translation, localization, bilingual review, subtitling
    • Familiar with most CAT tools and related software applications
    • Advanced knowledge of .NET programming and web development on ASP.NET
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    Thanh Nguyen
    Native language: Vietnamese Fluent in: English
    Thanh Nguyen
    Native language: Vietnamese Fluent in: English
    • Vietnamese translation experience since 2009 with a BA in English Interpreting and Translation
    • Translation specialty in Marketing, Travel and Tourism, Information Technology (Website content, Mobile apps, Softwares), Business, and Finance
    • Also well versed with fields like Medicine and Healthcare, Human Resources, Education, Banking, Cosmetics, and Corporate Law
    • Expertise in forms and contracts, keyword research, on-page SEO, and Google Adwords campaign setup
    • Has working experience as a Digital Marketing Specialist (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, SEO, SEM, Email marketing, Social media) for over 6 years
Native Language Expert
Certified Language Professional
5+ Years of Experience
Industry Specialist

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