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Translate By Humans offers certified Thai translation services for a range of business domains. We are fully capable of handling a wide variety of Thai translation requirements irrespective of the scope and scale of the project. Thailand is witnessing rapid economic growth powered by increasing exports, and growth in the tourism sector. If you as a business want a presence in the lucrative Thai market, you must ensure your business and its documentation is localized in Thai; if you are a Thai business looking to expand in other regions across the globe, you must ensure your Thai business collateral is translated into the local language of the region. In both cases, our world-class Thai translation services, backed by the comprehensive native language skills of our Thai translators are best placed to deliver the high-quality translation to or from Thai, you are looking for.

In both cases, our world-class Thai translation services, backed by the comprehensive native language skills of our Thai translators, are best placed to deliver the high-quality translation to or from Thai that you are looking for.



  • Well-trained, proficient and experienced Thai translators that cater to all translation needs including medical translation, financial translation, legal translation and more
  • Core focus on delivering accurate translations at affordable rates ensures businesses can use our services irrespective of project size and budget
  • Our translation services keep the cultural and domain context in mind to deliver the kind of translation that is easily understood by the local Thai speaking population
  • Quick turnaround time, backed by thorough knowledge of market needs enables us to offer translation services that deliver on business/individual needs every single time

Talented Thai Translators

Our Thai translators are native speakers of the Thai language and therefore understand its use perfectly. They are well aware of the various challenges that Thai translation brings to the table including its four dialects, the various difficulties related to Thai grammar (e.g. no article, no paste tense) and the various nuances of Thai culture that must be captured while translating a document into Thai. Our translators are well-prepared to address these challenges courtesy their deep knowledge of the various Thai dialects spoken across the different regions of Thailand and their extensive understanding of Thai culture and how it impacts the use of language. The Thai translators at Translate By Human bring a strong level of commitment to their translation efforts, thus guaranteeing translations that meet the most exacting demands.

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Growing Demand for Thai Language Translations

There are around 20 million native speakers of Thai and around 44 million speak Thai as a second language. It is the official language in Thailand and the official minority language in Cambodia, specifically the Koh Kong province. One of the key reasons for the increasing demand for Thai language translation services is that more and more businesses want to establish a presence in Thailand, considering the economic growth of the country.

  • 5


  • 20.2M

    Native Speakers

  • 40M

    Second Language Speakers

  • Thai

    Widely spoken

Translate By Humans has a successful track record of translating all kinds of business documents in Thai and we make sure that only those translators with specific domain knowledge required for that particular translation, handle the project. We are perfectly positioned to take care of all your Thai translation needs.


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