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Translate By Humans makes it easy to access expert technical translation services to suit your requirements. With a solid background in this industry, we have a huge team of experts with years of experience in all types of technical translations. This includes engineering, construction, transportation, energy, industry, technology, robotics, and defense.

If you use poor translation services it can lead to all sorts of major issues. This could include system failures, damaged equipment, and fatal accidents. When it comes to documentation of safety or grounding instructions it is important that your technical translator has an excellent command of both the source and target languages. In addition, they need to have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and technical terminology.

Our project managers work with clients to compile industry-specific glossaries of terminology at the start of each project to ensure that the correct terms are used. We use the latest CAT tools to translate technical documents, including those with diagrams, complex formatting, and drawings.

Engineering Translation Services


Translation Services for Construction Industry


Building Materials
Building Systems
Heavy Equipment
Power tools
Structural Steel
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Energy Translation Services


Natural Gas
Industrial Sector Translation Services


Metals and Mining
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We ensure that all translators that deal with your technical translation have expertise and experience in this area. Our team has proven expertise in technical translation and engineering translation services. Whatever type of technical documentation you need to have translated, you can rely on our experts to help. In addition, all of our translation is carried out by humans and not machines.

What do we cover
under Technical Translation?

  1. Technical Manuals
  2. Technical Drawings
  3. Safety/Operating Manuals
  4. Aircraft Instructions
  5. Technical Plans
  1. Data Sheets
  2. Automobile Manuals
  3. User Manuals
  4. Engineering Specifications

Is your document type not listed here? No problem, simply drop us an e-mail at and we will come back to you within the next couple of hours with a reasonable quote. Reach out to us!

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Technical Voice Over Service

Technical Voice Over

We can provide you with a top quality technical voiceover service by artists that have specialist voiceover skills. This means that you get to benefit from expertise when it comes to your technical voiceover from those with the relevant skills and experience in this area.

Technical Transcription Service

Technical Transcription

Another service that we offer is our expert technical transcription service, which is not only carried out by experienced professionals but also checked as part of our quality control procedure. This additional check ensures total accuracy.

Technical Subtitling Service

Technical Subtitling

If you are looking for a technical subtitling service, our team of language experts can help. We offer a cost-effective and prompt technical subtitling service by professionals that provide total accuracy and efficiency.

Included Fields

  • DTP for Technical Diagrams
  • Consumer Goods
  • Industrial Equipments
  • Technical Communications
  • CAD Drawings
  • Software and Hardware UI

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