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Exemplary Tagalog Translation Services

There is a reason why Translate By Humans should be your first choice for Tagalog translation. We have a wealth of experience in working on a range of Tagalog translation projects cutting across diverse business domains. Our popular Tagalog translation pairs are English-Tagalog and Tagalog-English, and we also have the requisite language expertise to translate a variety of languages to and from Tagalog. Our experience and expertise ensure we can take care of all Tagalog translation projects, irrespective of their size, scope or scale. The Philippines has achieved record per-capita GDP and attracts billions of dollars in FDI. Businesses see this country as an important destination to achieve their growth objectives. If your business wants to leverage the immense potential of the Filipino market, it is imperative that you translate all business messaging into Tagalog, the language commonly spoken across the Philippines. Translate By Humans is your ideal translation partner in this regard.



  • In-depth expertise in legal translation, medical translation, financial translation, technology translation, brand translation and a whole lot more
  • Only human translation, thus ensuring no literal translation errors and the kind of translation that is aligned with the cultural preference of the local population
  • Quick turnaround time, guarantees we can deliver translation projects within the even the most demanding time frames
  • A zero compromise on quality approach ensures our translations meet the standards set by Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (Commission on the Filipino Language)

Seasoned Tagalog Translators

All our Tagalog translators are native speakers of Tagalog and have comprehensive knowledge of written and spoken Tagalog. They have expertise in all four main dialects of Tagalog, especially modern Tagalog. They are well-versed in the distinctive nature of Tagalog and its reliance on ten simple vowels, four diphthongs and 28 letters. Tagalog has more than 5000 Spanish words and a large percentage (almost 40%) of commonly spoken Tagalog has Spanish loanwords; our Tagalog translators keep this in mind while translating projects to ensure the translation is easily understood by its target audience. Our Tagalog translators are also domain experts in law, medicine and more and we therefore only assign subject matter experts to your projects. This ensures superior quality Tagalog translation with zero conceptual or contextual errors.

5+ Years of Experience
Certified Language Professional
Excellent Track Record
Tagalog Language Expert

Growing Demand for Tagalog Translation Services

There are 70 million Tagalog speakers, out of which 28 million are native speakers and 45 million speak Tagalog as a second language; it is the official language in the Philippines, known as Filipino. The Philippines is one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies and attracts significant investments from Singapore, the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, and China in sectors like manufacturing, financial, real estate, and more. There are other sectors like agriculture and tourism that have taken off in a big way. The number of speakers of Tagalog and the strong business-oriented economy of the Philippines that is attracting businesses from all over the world, are together contributing to the growing need for Tagalog translation services. These businesses must localize their offerings for the Philippines market and therefore the need for translation. As a premier Tagalog translation services provider, we can take care of all your Tagalog localization needs.

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