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We believe in medical advancement; one correctly translated medical text at a time.

Expert Medical Translation Services

At Translate by Humans, we are able to provide medical translation services designed to suit your needs. Our medical translation service is not only competitively priced but also carried out by experts with in-depth knowledge of this industry. We provide services to a wide variety of medical institutions including CROs, healthcare services, veterinary services, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, life science services, biotechnology companies, and medical device providers. We ensure our experts have a thorough understanding of stringent regulatory laws. Part of our process includes multiple quality control checks to ensure superb standards and strict adherence to regulations.

Translation for Clinical Trials

Clinical Research

Pharmaceutical Translation Services


Translation Services for Healthcare Industry


Life Sciences Translation Services

Life Science

Medical Device Translation Services

Medical Device

Biotechnology Translation Services

Bio Technology

Translations for Pharmacies


Translation Services for the Hospital Industry


Veterinary Document Translation Services


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified , so you can be confident of professional medical translation that meets the highest standards. From the translation of patient case report forms for FDA submission to packaging for in-vitro devices that comply to the EU’s IVDD directive, we know that there can be no compromise when it comes to the convergence of language and healthcare regulations.

We offer medical translation services around the clock

We only employe experts with over five years of experience with medical translations. Our medical translators are all native speakers of their languages and are adept in many areas of medicine such as patient case study reports, hospital reports and documentation, pharmaceutical translation, and more. What you get is a medical translation service that is fast, efficient, and accurate.

What do we cover
under Medical Translation?

  1. Clinical Trials/Protocols
  2. Dossiers
  3. Medical Reports/Diagnosis
  4. Drug Registration Documents
  5. QoL (Quality of Life) Measures
  1. Instructions for Medical Equipments
  2. Patient Information
  3. Journals/White Papers
  4. Toxicology Report
  5. Pharmacological Reports/Study

Is your document type not listed here? No problem, simply drop us an e-mail at and we will get back to you within the next couple of hours with a reasonable quote. Reach out to us!

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Medical Voice Over Service

Medical Voice Over

Our experts can provide you with a professional medical voiceover service designed to meet your needs. We will work alongside you to ensure we achieve the best results with our network of specialized medical voiceover talent.

Medical Transcription Service

Medical Transcription

You can also benefit from our expert medical transcription service. All medical transcription is carefully checked as part of our quality control process and is always completed by humans and not through the use of artificial intelligence.

Medical Subtitling Service

Medical Subtitling Service

Our medical subtitling service is professional and affordable. Whatever your needs, when it comes to medical subtitling, we have experts to help. You are assured of superb quality.


  • Emergency Medicine
  • Cardiology Reports
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Neurology
  • Radiology
  • Paediatrics
  • Surgical Analysis
  • Many more...

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At Translate By Humans, you can benefit from top quality translation from our team of experts. We are ISO certified, so you can expect error-free, accurate results every time.