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Your search for world-class Italian translation services ends here at Translate By Humans. We are experts in Italian technical translations which are required by the booming engineering sector in the country. Apart from that, we also handle numerous projects to translate Italian cooking recipes since Italian food is famous the world over. We also get requests for translating websites and apps from top Italian clothing brands. Our fully certified services will not burn a hole in your pocket and we offer some great pricing for high quality and dependable Italian translations. Our services are the only ones you should prefer if you want timely, accurate and value-added translations that help you target an Italian speaking audience, as well as, understand the feedback given by them.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and we employ handpicked Italian translators with years of expertise to localize your business offerings for the Italian market or your Italian business needs to be localized for the English speaking market or any other.



  • We provide accurate and error free translations.
  • Our translation services are budget- friendly, affordable and delivered on time.
  • Our team of translators is made up of native language speakers who are well-versed in all aspects of Italian language.
  • We offer translations in various local Italian dialects too.
  • We also perform localization for your apps, websites, games, software, etc.

Italian translations by specially trained local speakers

Our language experts are well versed with all the aspects of language translation and they collectively bring a range of domain expertise to the table. They perform translations that meet the benchmarks set by the Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti. Our Italian translators are native language speakers and are enthusiastic about what they do and focus on extremely high quality translations.

5+ Years of Experience
Certified Language Professional
Excellent Track Record
Italian Language Expert
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    Ester Formichella
    Native language: Italian Fluent in: English , Spanish
    Ester Formichella
    Native language: Italian Fluent in: English , Spanish
    • Graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature from the I. U. O. in Naples
    • Advanced Course in Anglistics: Literary Translation Theory and Practice at La Sapienza University of Rome.
    • Teacher of English language and civilisation at the MIUR
    • Twenty years of experience in translation in various fields: tourism, marketing, literature, legal, medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology, art and business
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    Davide Cavanna
    Native language: Italian Fluent in: German, French, Spanish, English
    Davide Cavanna
    Native language: Italian Fluent in: German, French, Spanish, English
    • Sworn translator and interpreter at the Court of Justice in Luxembourg
    • BA Multilingual Communication in Geneva, LL.M. Int. Law in Sussex
    • Focusing on financial and legal translation (investment funds, contracts, market commentary, etc.)
    • Ten years of experience
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    Bruno Depascale
    Native language: Italian Fluent in: English, Spanish
    Bruno Depascale
    Native language: Italian Fluent in: English, Spanish
    • Faculty of Foreign Languages graduate
    • Post-graduation in medical and pharmaceutical translations
    • Specialized in areas of Medical, pharmaceutical, clinical and imaging software, medical devices, clinical trial protocols, SPCs and PL according to EMA templates, informed consent forms
    • Specialized in Italian translation since 2006

Increasing Demand for Italian Translation Services

Italian is spoken in several countries of the world including Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, Albania, the US and Monaco. It is the official language of Italy and San Marino. With approximately 64 million native speakers, Italian is one of the more popular languages of the globe. Almost 14 million people speak Italian as a second language, although regional dialects vary a lot from each other. The Tuscan dialect is considered the standard Italian dialect; we keep such things in mind while localizing your content in the Italian language.

  • 29


  • 64M

    Native Speakers

  • 14M

    Second Language Speakers

  • Italy

    Widely spoken

We also keep in mind the fact that Italian has 21 alphabets and this has bearing on the nature and size of translation. We understand the value of good quality translations and their role in facilitating quality communication between your business and the local Italian population.


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