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Premier Hungarian Translation Services

Translate By Humans has deep-seated experience and expertise in offering Hungarian language translation services for documents, e-learning modules, websites, mobile apps and more. We have demonstrable experience of working on challenging Hungarian-English and English-Hungarian translation projects, for clients across industries. We can also translate a huge number of diverse languages into Hungarian and can translate Hungarian into any language you prefer. Hungary is a part of OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and has tremendous opportunities for businesses who want to leverage the potential of its bustling economic growth. Business who are looking to establish a footprint in the Hungarian market need to localize their business documents and messaging for the Hungarian audience; on the other hand, if you are a Hungarian company that wants to expand in other world markets, you will need to localize for the particular country in which you are thinking of expanding your footprint. In both cases, our Hungarian translation services will help your localization needs.



  • Proficiency in legal, medical, financial, technical translation and more
  • Human translations avoid literal translation errors and also ensure the message reaches its intended audience in a way that is easy to consume
  • Focus on keeping cultural nuances in mind that determine message impact and result in intended call-to-action
  • A comprehensive range of Hungarian translation services ensure end-to-end localization for your business

Highly Qualified Hungarian Language Translators

Our translators are native speakers of Hungarian and are not only knowledgeable in written and spoken Hungarian but also domain experts in law, technology, finance, medicine and more. This means only those translators with subject-specific knowledge work on your translation project, e.g. for a legal translation project, a translator with proficiency in legal terminologies is assigned to your project. This ensures critical legal phrases are translated perfectly, leaving no room for error. Hungarian is known as one of the most complex languages in Europe, owing to the complexity of its words with innumerable grammar prefixes and suffixes; when translated into English, this results in longer sentences. Our translators are also formatting experts ensuring that the formatting of the translated asset is in line with the format of the original asset. You simply cannot go wrong with our Hungarian language translators as their translations meet the standards set by the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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Growing Demands for Hungarian Translations

Hungarian has around 13 million native speakers and it is the official language in Hungary, Vojvodina and the European Union. It is also a recognized minority language in Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia (in Prekmurje), Austria (in Burgenland), and Ukraine (in Berehove, Mukachevo, Vynohradiv and Uzhhorod districts of Transcarpathian region (Zakarpatska Oblast). It is also one of the fastest growing developed economies in the world and is attracting businesses who see tremendous potential in the country’s pharmaceutical, tourism, electronics, food, and information and technology sectors. The country is also the headquarters of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which means there is also a lot of scope in Hungary for startups/businesses in the tech innovation domain. The number of people speaking Hungarian, the language’s reach across Europe and Hungary’s potential as an investment destination are together contributing to the need for Hungarian translations. Translate By Humans, with its expert Hungarian translation services is best placed to take care of your Hungarian translation needs.

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