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France is one of Europe’s major business destinations thanks largely to its strong economy, focus on startups, tourism, and industrial growth. Our French translation services from certified French translators are in great demand as more businesses look to enter the French market and localize their business offerings for the French speaking target audience. Businesses from all sectors come to Translate By Humans to benefit from our French translation expertise. We are a one stop French translation services provider for all industries including medical, legal, financial, technical and more. We are ISO certified and employ hand-picked French translators with years of expertise.

  1. We guarantee accuracy and satisfaction
  2. We employ carefully-chosen, native-speaking French translators.
  3. Translation can be in regional French dialect to suit your needs
  4. Our experts provide translation and localization services for documents, apps, websites, software, games and more

One of the popular French translation pairs we offer is English to French or French to English. We can even provide a free, no obligation sample translation of 150 words.

French translation by certified native speakers

French is one of the preferred languages of diplomacy and international society. We ensure that all our French translators are certified, as well as, native speakers of the language. We also ensure that our work adheres to the strict standards set by the L'Académie Française, which monitors the use of this language. Our translators are not only native speakers but also have proven expertise in specific business domains, to ensure that that not only is the translation perfect from the language point of view, but also from the conceptual angle vis-à-vis the business domain.

Why French translation services are in demand?

French is spoken as a first language not only in France but also in other parts of the world such as Canada and Francophone Africa. It is also a very commonly spoken second language, and the second most studied language on the globe after English. There are up to 150 million native speakers of French along with around 190 million that speak French as a second language. French is an official language in 29 countries. Already, more than a quarter of the European Union speaks French, which equates to nearly 130 million. Roughly half of these are native speakers while the other half uses it as their second language.


Native Speakers

Second Language Speakers

Widely spoken

The popularity and use of French in countries around the world coupled with massive interest of businesses in the French market (and of French businesses in world markets) has resulted in the rising demand for French translation services.

Explore our other French services

Voice Over Service

French Voice Over Service

At Translate By Humans, we provide professional and expert French voiceover services to suit your needs. Our service is performed by experienced, native French voice experts. You can therefore expect high standards and total accuracy.

Transcription Service

French Transcription

We provide French transcription services carried out by certified native speakers of the language, which ensures total accuracy. We provide French transcription services in a wide range of areas and our quality control checks ensure perfect results.

Subtitling Service

French Subtitling Service

Our French subtitling services ensure that you benefit from efficiency and accuracy, with subtitling that is carried out by native French speakers with years of experience. We guarantee total satisfaction and accuracy with our subtitling services.

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At Translate By Humans, you can benefit from top quality translation from our team of experts. We are ISO certified, so you can expect error-free, accurate results every time.