Translation and Localization of Trading Platforms

Custom localization of website and app interfaces by financial industry professionals for contemporary, user-friendly trading platforms.

Advantages of Localizing Trading Platforms

With localized trading platforms, users can trade easily in their language of choice. Help your clients gain a better understanding of cryptocurrency, forex, blockchain technology, and the overall financial market by ensuring your trading platform is accessible in different languages.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

    Professionally translated and localized content ensures that a customer can make optimal use of a trading platform. When customers feel they are getting value for their time and money, they feel satisfied with the services offered to them. As customer satisfaction increases, so does your revenue!

  • Reduce Risk, Nurture Confidence

    There are many financial risks involved in trading. Your clients can now analyze the performance of funds, schemes, and commodities in a language of their preference. Knowing and understanding those risks will be a driving factor for increased activity on trading platforms.

  • Convert Opportunities to Sales

    Even the best economic conditions and opportunities for online trading will remain untapped if users aren't confident in their understanding of how your trading platform operates. Increase your pool of website visitors and the volume of trades by investing in localization.

We Work with all File Types

We cover a wide spectrum of file formats ranging from excel sheets to image files. Using tested and secure ISO-approved systems, we also work with a wide range of documents to support the language needs of financial businesses across the globe.

Supported Documents

You can upload files with one or more of the extensions as detailed below. If you don't see your preferred format listed, please get in touch with us, and we would be happy to help.
  • Website & Apps
  • Software
  • Contracts
  • Marketing Material
  • Research Papers
  • Presentation
  • News
  • & more

Formats Supported

  • .html
  • .xml
  • .txt
  • .odt, .ott, .ods
  • .csv
  • .pdf
  • .doc, .docx, .dotx
  • .xls
  • .xlsx, .xltx
  • .ppt .pptx
  • .pdf
  • .json
  • .yml, .yaml
  • .strings, .stringsdict, .plist
  • .po, .pot, .mo
  • .xliff
  • .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp. .idml, .eps, .psd

Financial Case Studies

We have delivered financial translation and localization services to numerous reputed companies with a global presence. In these case studies, read about the challenges we've addressed and the solutions we have provided to some of our clients.

  • Go Global

    Realize your potential in a booming industry with a global presence. Learn how we have helped financial companies go global!

  • Be Customer Centric

    Read about our customized language services that have aided financial companies in achieving customer success.

  • Improve Credibility

    Financial companies hire our translation services to improve brand image, customer loyalty and credibility.

Our Other Services

As experts in this industry, we have an in-depth understanding when it comes to the banking and financial sector as well as regulatory compliance within this industry. You can therefore, benefit from peace of mind in the knowledge that your language needs are being taken care of by experienced professionals with a solid reputation. Find out how you can benefit from our various language services across industries.

Our Financial Translators

Our language experts go through a thorough screening process before they are selected to work with us. They are native speakers of their target language with a background in banking and finance. Our trading platform experts are professionally equipped to understand and design the user interface and user experience for various trading apps and websites. Their experience and expertise in both the language and financial industry ensure you are provided with the best possible services.

Financial Expert
5+ Years of Experience
Certified Language Professional
Knowledge of Financial Trends
  • Kirby Chan
    Kirby Chan, BSc- China
    Native language: Chinese Fluent in: English
    Kirby Chan
    Kirby Chan, BSc- China
    Native language: Chinese Fluent in: English
    • Graduate from the Faculty of Translation
    • Financial translation experience since 2002
    • Specializes in the areas of finance, accounting, Banking, Investments and securities, and Insurance
    • Experienced in fields of law (general), localization (game, website, software), IT, marketing, and advertising
  • image
    Renata von Koerber
    Native language: German Fluent in: English
    Renata von Koerber
    Native language: German Fluent in: English
    • 20 years in investment banking in the UK, specialized on Forex, Derivatives, structured products and contracts
    • Providing translation of all types of contracts, including fringe areas which require deep research, fund reports, economic reports, annual statements, 10K-forms, revocable trusts, etc.
    • Certified Interaction Design Specialist
    • Other specializations include golf, general business, corporate management, iOS, audits (ethical, work safety, etc.)
  • davide cavanna
    Davide Cavanna, LLM- UK
    Native language: Italian Fluent in: German, English, French, and Spanish
    davide cavanna
    Davide Cavanna, LLM- UK
    Native language: Italian Fluent in: German, English, French, and Spanish
    • Graduate in Multilingual Communication from the University of Geneva, Post Graduate in Int. Law from the University of Sussex
    • Sworn translator and interpreter at the Court of Justice in Luxembourg
    • Specializes in areas such as financial and legal translation (investment funds, contracts, market commentary, etc.)
    • Over 10 years of financial translation experience

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