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Translate By Humans offers Estonian translation services backed by the native language skills of our highly experienced translators. We have experience of working on diverse translation projects cutting across a range of business domains; this gives us the confidence to tackle every Estonian translation project with ease. Our in-demand language pairs are English-Estonian and Estonian-English, and we can also translate Estonian into any language and can translate a language of your choice into Estonian. The Estonian economy is showing growth in all sectors including buildings and structures, transport equipment, machinery and equipment, tourism and more. If you want your business to make a mark in the Estonian market, you must translate all your key business documents, product offerings, and services into Estonian. Our Estonian translation services are best suited to take care of all your translation needs.



  • A comprehensive translation process that includes translation, editing and proof-reading ensures high-quality translations
  • Human translations help avoid the literal mistakes made by machine translations and also take note of cultural nuances
  • Formatting expertise guarantees even if the word count of translated documents increases, the formatting is consistent with the source document
  • Certified translation services that cover translations of documents, websites, apps, videos and a whole lot more.

Gifted Estonian Translators

Our Estonian translators are native speakers of the language and are therefore well aware of the northern and southern dialects of Estonian, its subject-verb-object order, and also the difficulties raised by three lengths of consonants and vowels, the 25 diphthongs and the various exceptions to defined grammar rules; these challenges are navigated expertly by our translators. Our translators also have comprehensive knowledge of various domains such as law, medicine, technology, advertising, marketing and more; this means we assign projects as per domain expertise, which helps us make sure that when specific domain terminologies are translated, they are replaced by the aptest and most meaningful translation.

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Growing Demand for Estonian Translation Services

Estonian is spoken by around 1.1 million people and it is the official language in Estonia and the European Union. While the number of people speaking this language is less, what has driven the demand for Estonian language translation is the foreign investment pouring into the country and its positive business climate. The country has established free zones at Muuga Port and in Sillamäe, which has further made it an attractive destination for investment. Compared to the other countries of the Baltic Sea region, business setup costs such as labor, transport, property expenses etc. are lower, and investors can manufacture really first-rate products at lower costs. If you are a business that is interested in investing in Estonia, you must make sure that your business and its offerings are localized for the Estonian market. Our Estonian translation expertise means we are your ideal translation partner.

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