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Professional English to German Translation Services

As more and more businesses are reaching out to global consumers, translating content from English to German has become crucial. Translate By Humans provides high-quality professional English to German translation services carried out by certified, native language experts. We don’t use any machine translations. All the text is professionally translated by human translators and hence, our translations are accurate and contextually relevant. We appoint a dedicated project manager for all translation orders at no extra cost to ensure your preferences are taken care of and you can benefit from a single point of contact. You can trust us to help you leverage the benefits of reaching out to the German-speaking population. Our ISO 9000:2015 certified quality processes are a guarantee that we perform stringent quality checks and follow the industry benchmarks.



  • Cost-effective language services from English to German
  • Contextually relevant, localized translations that consider cultural nuances
  • Fast turnaround with absolute accuracy
  • Expertise in varied industries, categories and file types
  • Scalable services regardless of project, size, scope or duration

Native German Speaking Translators

All of our language experts are highly experienced native speakers of the target language, German and exceptionally well versed with the source language. They have a deep understanding of how German is spoken and written as well as exposure to the German culture. We assign translators to projects after careful consideration of their certifications, domain-specific knowledge, agreeability with your dialect preferences and previous track record in delivering translations. Rest assured, the translated content sent back to you will be of impeccable quality!

5+ Years of Experience
Certified Language Professional
Excellent Track Record
German Language Expert
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    Andy Lemminger
    Native language: German Fluent in: English
    Andy Lemminger
    Native language: German Fluent in: English
    • Faculty of Taxation and Auditing graduate
    • Post graduate in Accountancy
    • 2007 Licensed International Financial Analyst (LIFA), International Research Association
    • 2006 - present: Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (English to German)
    • 2007 - present: Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (English to German)
    • Work experience in banking, auditing and as a software programmer
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    Chiara Benedikter
    Native language: English and German Fluent in: German, English, Italian
    Chiara Benedikter
    Native language: English and German Fluent in: German, English, Italian
    • Finalizing studies at faculty of medicine in Germany, one semester of studies in Italy
    • Specialized in medical translations, transcriptions of handwritten medical notes, clinical protocols, case reports, etc.
    • Medical experience in studies, urology, orthopedics, emergency procedures, surgery, etc.
    • Translating experience since 2015
    • Other specializations include dance (classical, contemporary), music
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    Renata von Koerber
    Native language: German Fluent in: English
    Renata von Koerber
    Native language: German Fluent in: English
    • 20 years in investment banking in the UK, specialized on Forex, Derivatives, structured products and contracts
    • Providing translation of all types of contracts, including fringe areas which require deep research, fund reports, economic reports, annual statements, 10K-forms, revocable trusts, etc.
    • Certified Interaction Design Specialist
    • Other specializations include golf, general business, corporate management, iOS, audits (ethical, work safety, etc.)

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