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With a growing number of successful clients behind it, Translate By Humans is the best translation service you can use for your English translations. We have well-trained English language professionals to take care of all your English translation needs, irrespective of the requirements or business domain. We offer translation services that translate a wide range of languages into English and we have the expertise to handle all kinds of projects irrespective of their scale and scope. With our English translation services, you get:

We are an ISO certified company and our strict quality monitoring process ensures that each project meets the highest standards of English translations. We give utmost importance to sentence construction, grammar, and cultural nuances to ensure only the most accurate translations.



  • High quality translations that are accurate and culturally appropriate.
  • Quick turnaround time and strict adherence to deadlines.
  • Budget friendly translation packages making high quality translations affordable for all businesses.
  • Localization of content, apps, websites, software, etc., depending on the region you want to target

Translations by trained native language speakers

We have a passionate bunch of English translators who love to do what they do and are experts in the English language. Translating content from different areas like technical, financial, legal or medical fields requires precision, skill, and knowledge of that particular domain. This is why we work wi They are well aware of the fact that the number of words in a document can change if translated to or from English into a different language. They are also well aware that two phrases might have different meanings in English and another language. These are just some of the many things they are careful about while performing English translations.

5+ Years of Experience
Certified Language Professional
Excellent Track Record
English Language Expert
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    Chiara Benedikter
    Native language: English and German Fluent in: German, English, Italian
    Chiara Benedikter
    Native language: English and German Fluent in: German, English, Italian
    • Finalizing studies at faculty of medicine in Germany, one semester of studies in Italy
    • Specialized in medical translations, transcriptions of handwritten medical notes, clinical protocols, case reports, etc.
    • Medical experience in studies, urology, orthopedics, emergency procedures, surgery, etc.
    • Translating experience since 2015
    • Other specializations include dance (classical, contemporary), music

The ever-increasing demand for English Translations

English is a global language with almost 1500 million speakers across the world, and only 375 million of them are native speakers. It is an official language in 67 countries and the de facto official language in 15 countries; add to this, countries like India, which have a very high number of people who can understand the language. This means there is a sizable audience you can reach if you get your content translated in English. There is no denying the fact it is the language of business, the language of finance and even the language of entertainment.

  • 104


  • 380M

    Native Speakers

  • 700M

    Second Language Speakers

  • English

    Widely spoken

This is the reason for a growing demand for English language translations. These translations will help you to connect with more people and will facilitate quality interactions with people that will go a long way in driving business growth.


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At Translate By Humans, you can benefit from top quality translation from our team of experts. We are ISO certified, so you can expect error-free, accurate results every time.