Localization Services for Retail and eCommerce

Turn your site into a global brand with our trusted ecommerce translation and localization services

The Scope of eCommerce Website Translation

Translate and localize your ecommerce site to ensure you gain a widespread presence in the world of marketing. If you speak the language your customers do, they will definitely listen!

  • Product description

    Product descriptions such as size, material, specifications, etc. are important factors considered before making an online purchase. These factors need to be made available in a customer's regional language for the individual to be in a position to make a choice.

  • User reviews

    Translate user reviews so that your customers no longer have to think twice before making purchases, especially if they are slightly heavier on the pocket. After all, how often does one buy a gadget or luxury product without some amount of research and validation?

  • Customer support

    Localized customer support delivered in a customer's regional language will ensure that the customer feels welcome and well understood. We've partnered with clients such as Zendesk on their journey to provide excellent customer service!

Services Included

We cover a range of services for you to choose from for your ecommerce site. Find the one best suited to your needs.

  • SEO Friendly Translations

    Our SEO friendly translations mean that your search engine rankings will continue to increase along with your customer database

  • CMS Translations Management

    We translate your Content Management System data and perform all the inputs for you so that you don't spend your time on something we can do for you!

  • Free Translation Sample

    We provide a language translation sample of ~150 words for you to try at no additional cost!

  • Translation Memory Management

    Our Translation Memory stores words that are frequently translated so that you are not charged multiple times for the same content.

  • Live Website Review

    Our experts go the extra mile by testing the translated content on your site for you, so all you have to do is click 'go live'!

  • API Integration

    Gone are the days of back and forth emails! Integrate our API and enjoy seamless data transmission that enables you to send multiple orders.

Supported eCommerce Platforms

We support all major ecommerce platforms!

Get in touch with us to find out how you can go live with an ecommerce site of your choice. We'll ensure that we spend enough time understanding your products and services along with your marketing goals. This will help us create better, localized content to support your online store and ensure that all the right clients are sent your way!

You just need to select the ecommerce platform that best suits your needs, and we will take care of the rest. Avail our services and watch your business take flight!

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Why use Translate By Humans?

Get the most accurate professional translations at unmatched prices. Partner with us today and experience unparalleled quality firsthand.

  • Translate By Humans, NOT Machines!

    We always employ native-speaking, professional translators with many years of experience and expertise.

  • 100% Quality Guarantee

    You can depend on us to always provide you with the most accurate and reliable language translation services.

  • Totally Secure

    Our NDA is a guarantee that your data will remain safe and confidential at all times.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    For us, customers come first. Our job isn't complete until you are absolutely satisfied with the result.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our customer care team is here to support you whenever you may need them, day or night!

  • Affordable Costs

    Our affordable pricing structure allows you to expect great service at low costs.

ISO certified

At Translate By Humans, you can benefit from top quality translation from our team of experts. We are ISO certified, so you can expect error-free, accurate results every time.