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Exceptional Danish Translation Services to Target Danish Speaking Audiences

Translation Performed by Native Danish Speakers

Translate By Humans offers extremely high-quality Danish translation services for all kinds of content. Our popular translation services include Danish to English translation and vice versa, but we can translate Danish into any other language as per your requirement or a particular language into Danish. Whether you want to make a mark in the Danish food processing industry, ship building industry, the iron and steel industry or want to target some other industry, our translation services are the right pick.

Our team of experts is well-trained to handle all kinds of projects and ensures that your audience perfectly understands the information you want to convey. Our Danish translations meet the highest benchmarks of quality as our translators are well-versed in modern Standard Danish and other regional dialects.



  • Budget friendly translations with zero compromises on quality
  • Accurate translations by native language speakers guarantee success of messaging
  • Quick turnaround times mean you reduce time to launch products/services in the Danish market
  • Expertise in localization of apps, games, software, websites, etc. into Danish

Native language speakers for your Danish translations

Our translation team comprises of native language speakers who are well versed with the way Danish is spoken and written amongst the local population. Danish has 3 extra vowels as compared to English: Æ, Ø and Å. There are also extensive numbers of vowel phonemes in Danish – 27 in all. Our language experts take all this into account and more when they perform your translations. Our translators deliver translations that are linguistically accurate as well as culturally appropriate. They also come from diverse backgrounds thus making sure that the translations are conceptually sound and completely error free.

5+ Years of Experience
Certified Language Professional
Excellent Track Record
Danish Language Expert
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    Thomas Wagner Nielsen
    Native language: Danish Fluent in: English
    Thomas Wagner Nielsen
    Native language: Danish Fluent in: English
    • BSc in Electronics Engineering with honours
    • 12 years of working experience as an engineer in the electronics industry
    • Specialized in the fields of electronics, hardware, software, systems, IT, engineering, automation and robotics, automotive, mechanics, medical instruments
    • Technical Translation experience since 2013

The increasing demand for good quality Danish translation services

Danish is spoken by almost 6 million people worldwide. With the growth of the services and manufacturing industries in Denmark along with the food and agricultural industry, Danish translation requirements are seeing a remarkable growth. With immigration, Danish speakers have spread to countries like the United States, Canada, Brazil, Sweden and Spain; Danish translation services are required to reach out to all these people.

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  • Denmark

    Widely spoken

If a business has to deal with the Danish speaking population, it needs high quality translations that are easily understood by them. If you also need such translations, contact us today! Our language experts will help you out to the best of our ability. We adhere to strict NDAs and your information is safe with us.


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