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Well-Regarded Croatian Translation Services

Translate By Humans offers world-class Croatian translation services that effectively meet the demanding needs of businesses and individuals. Our proven track record of working on challenging Croatian translation projects means businesses can trust us with their translation requirements, irrespective of the scope, size or complexity of the project. Our popular language translation pairs are Croatian-English and English-Croatian, and we can also translate a range of languages to and from Croatian. Croatia is located in the heart of Europe, is a member of the EU and is witnessing a strong economic growth year-on-year. Businesses are keen to invest in Croatia’s bustling startup, shipbuilding, infrastructure, tourism, manufacturing, and transportation sectors. If your business wants to make a mark in Croatia, you must ensure that all its company and messaging documents are translated into Croatian. On the other hand, if you are a Croatian business looking to spread your presence in a specific global market, you must ensure your marketing material is translated into the local language. In both these cases, Translate By Humans and its Croatian translation services are best placed to take care of your needs.



  • Ability to handle all kinds of translation projects including legal, finance, technical, medical, marketing translations and more
  • Quick turnaround times ensure translations are delivered on time, all the time
  • Focus on human translations means language and cultural nuances are kept in mind during translation
  • End-to-end Croatian localization services make sure we not only translate documents but also other digital assets like websites, mobile apps and more

Stellar Croatian Language Translators

Our Croatian translation services are backed by the formidable knowledge of our translators in modern standard Croatian and its dialects like Čakavian and Kajkavian. They are extremely comfortable in the various domain-specific terminologies, thus ensuring error-free translations. They are well aware of the various challenges posed by the language’s complicated consonant system, primarily characterized by affricate and palatal consonants. The Croatian translators at Translate By Humans keep in mind the benchmarks set by the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics.

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Growing Demand of Croatian Translations

There around 5.6 million native speakers of Croatian; and it is the official language in Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina (co-official), Montenegro (co-official), Serbia (in Vojvodina), Austria (in Burgenland), and the European Union. It is also the recognized minority language in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary (in Baranya County), Italy (in Molise), and Romania (in Carașova, Lupac). Its geographical reach and the positive economic climate, has contributed to the increase in demand for Croatian language translation services. Businesses looking to establish their presence in Croatian speaking regions are looking to localize their products and services in Croatian. If you are looking for professional Croatian translation services that guarantee high-quality translations, in time and within budget, look no farther than us.

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