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      We offer the best translation services by employing only experts to do the job.

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      We test the translation across all platforms before you go live. Your image is important to us.

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      To know more about our quality and efficiency standards, ask us for a free sample now!

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      You only pay once for the text. Our translation memory technology ensures that the cost translate each string is calculated only once, irrespective of the number of times it is used.

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      We are very punctual with our deliveries. We will not disappoint you.

    • 100% Quality Guarantee

      Our USP is 'Providing quick yet perfect and apt translations with 100% Quality or Full Money Back Guarantee.

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With the growth of internet and technology, localizing your mobile applications for global use is critical. Translate By Humans helps companies to release their products and information in localized versions in the emergent markets. App translation and localization is an inevitable step for the companies who want to attract worldwide downloads and customers.

Having few of the best iPhone, Android and Windows app developers who translate and test the applications in the best possible ways, Translate By Humans will help you enhance the popularity of your App. To avoid glitches in the User Interface post-translation, our professional testers check the application across platforms so that your users may have a seamless experience with your app.

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