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Translate by Humans always employs native-speaking, professional translators. They're assigned only those projects for which they are qualified. This ensures that the vernacular knowledge of the translator is adequate to capture the subtleties of the translated language's vocabulary, grammar, tone, and style. Additionally, the required cultural and social understanding of the translator is also taken into consideration.

We have a dedicated fleet of translators with knowledge of specific industries. This allows us to deal with all kind of projects and languages across industries. If you want professional and high-quality translations, contact us NOW!

Translation services

As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, versatility is essential! We give you the option to get your translation in any format, including PowerPoint, HTML, InDesign, Flash, XML, MS Word, Excel, QuarkXPress, Adobe FrameMaker etc. Additionally, we provide expert knowledge about all language formats which can help you to expedite the translation process and reduce the total overheads.


Translation services

Many technological innovators and companies rely on Translate by Humans for providing translation services especially when they need technical proficiency in more than a few languages. We provide accurate translations of technical documents, specifications and manuals for various industries. Our proficiency with such texts means that the translation process is quick and near perfect!

Translation services

Our dedicated translators pair their financial proficiency with their remarkable translating expertise, ensuring that all translations are accurate. Many Businesses in the Financial sector rely on the integrity and accuracy of our translations. We always employ translators who have the skills needed for financial translations across different verticals. Financial Market Reports, Marketing Brochures, Stock Market Research and Analysis, Wealth Management and all other documents/text are translated to meet your needs, whether for internal communication or external publication!


Localization Services

Make sure that your software is not limited to the users of a particular language. Translate By Humans can make sure your software is user-friendly worldwide, by translating it in as many languages as you need. With our services, you can rest assured that the professional feel of your software will be maintained.

Localization Services

For your app to appeal to non-English speakers, it needs to be well understood and have the ability to create and establish a cultural connect. Localizing your app will help you reach out to a larger, more diverse audience. Utilize the extensive talent at Translate By Humans and get your app translated and localized - you will see how this positively impacts your app usability and downloads.


Localization Services

If you're looking to expand to different countries, your website is what will make the very first impression! Translate by Humans can translate live websites, directly working from the websites’ source code, and deliver the translation in XML or HTML in an language. Reach out to us and we will make sure your audience is not only satisfied but also impressed with your website’s translation into their local language!

Localization Services

Deliver an immersive gaming experience for your customers with localized video game scripts, game UI, multilingual voice-overs in any language. Our team of native language speaking translators will ensure that, with video game translation and localization, you conquer the challenges of multilingual and cultural incompatibilities effortlessly. Armed with our game localization services, players will be made to feel they are playing a home-grown video game with commands and controls in their native language. Deliver a truly authentic gaming experience. Become a first-choice gaming brand with our game localization services.


Translation Services

We translate everything from travel brochures to travel websites and everything in between! We offer all inclusive services to ensure your clients can benefit from the best travel deals and packages to make their globe-trotting dreams a reality!

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