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Benefits of Subtitling and Captioning

With videos gaining popularity as a medium of communication, it is imperative that your target audience can correctly understand what is being verbally conveyed. While the majority of individuals that watch videos do not have hearing disabilities, many do. Subtitles not only cater to those who do but they also help able listeners in a variety of ways.

  • Effective Communication

    A vast majority of social media sites autoplay videos on the news feeds of their users with the sound turned off. Even though your video may receive a large number of views, only 20% of viewers may turn the sound on. Subtitles are a great option to ensure that no information is missed!

  • Greater Visibility

    Search engines can crawl transcripts of videos as well as subtitle text files that a video references as it plays. Since the search engine indexes this information, the text used works as a great stepping stone to bettering SEO.

  • Global Outreach

    Videos available online are globally accessible. Including multilingual subtitles to your videos ensures that you reach out and engage a larger, international audience. We are mindful of cultural differences and create content that is easy to understand and relate to for a foreign viewer.

Where to Use Subtitles

Subtitles can be used for virtually any kind of video or motion graphics. Regardless of the format, purpose, and type of production, subtitles act as a great tool to maximize viewership.

Subtitles are in the form of text and may either include a transcription of all the dialogues and background commentary present in a video with or without non-dialogue information, or translation and transcription of only the dialogues spoken in a foreign language. Often, a combination of the two is employed.

Whether it is a memorable home video, a film promoting your business or an intensive wildlife documentary, subtitles can be added to enhance the video viewing experience.

  • Home Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Television and Film
  • Broadcasts
  • Promotional and Professional Videos
  • Vimeo and YouTube Videos

Individuals with hearing impairment may benefit from visual aids whereas those without any significant hearing disabilities may be able to view videos more privately and also avoid issues such as inconsistent volume or inaudible speakers. Our subtitling experts ensure that all the intricacies of spoken word and background elements are carefully captured, translated and localized in the subtitles they create.

Subtitling Industries We Serve

Our dedicated team of translation and subtitling experts ensure that we can serve all industries where language communication is required.

Supported Languages

Translate By Humans supports over 35 languages and a staggering 1000 language pairs, which means that our service encompasses every popular language spoken globally.

English is the third most spoken language in the world and is the native language of 400 million people. Give your viewers an enriching experience through our English subtitling services!
Swedish is spoken by a whopping 9.6 million people in Sweden. Enhance your viewership in Sweden through our Swedish subtitling services!
45 million Poles speak the Polish language. It is the second language of 5 million people. Make your videos more credible for them by using our Polish subtitling services!
Make sure that the fifth most spoken language in the world is a part of your videos. Arabs would greatly benefit from your videos if you use our Arabic subtitling services!
Swahili is the native language of people from the east coast of Africa. Enhance your videos for them through our Swahili subtitling services!
There are 77 million native speakers of Korean language. Connect and engage with them through are Korean subtitling services!
Tamil is spoken by 74 million people in India and Srilanka. Make sure that your content reaches them in their language through our Tamil subtitling services!
Thai is the native language of 36 million people and the second language of 44 million people around the world. Approach them in their language through our Thai subtitling services!
Danish is the native language of 5.5 million people in Denmark. Augment your viewership in Europe through our Danish subtitling services!
Portuguese is the official or de-facto language of over 10 countries. Avail our Portuguese subtitling service, now!
Dutch ×
Approximately 23 million people speak Dutch as their native language. Our Dutch subtitling service makes it so much easier to break through the language barrier!
Russian ×
Our Russian subtitling service can help you expand your presence to nearly 200 million within Russia and abroad.
Portuguese ×
Portuguese is the official or de-facto language of over 10 countries. Avail our Portuguese subtitling service, now!
Spanish is spoken by a whopping 480 million people and is the world's second most spoken language. Make your videos better with our Spanish subtitling services!
Chinese ×
Our Chinese subtitling service will help you reach more than one billion of the world's population!
With our Hindi subtitling service, you can communicate with the people from one of the most populated and historical countries - India!
The Japanese make up the third largest language community on the Internet. Make the most of this opportunity with our Japanese subtitling service.
& Serve 180+ other lanuages ×
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How It Works

Follow the steps below to order your subtitles

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    Send Project Details

    Email us the file or link that needs to be subtitled along with your target language specifications

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  • 02

    Subtitle Creation

    Our team of experts will review your order, and create your subtitles

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    Receive Subtitles

    We'll send you your subtitles in the format of your choice

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