How do I join TBH as an expert translator?

TBH services are inherently humane. This makes us the one stop destination for all seasoned translators wishing to associate with a firm that is setting new benchmarks in the translation industry. Our boundaries are constantly expanding and we are always on the lookout of proficient translators with significant experience under their belts. If you are academically qualified, possess certification in translation, have an immaculate track record and feel committed to optimize your innate professional experience, just email us your resume along with an application to

The application must be accompanied by relevant certificates showcasing your expertise and endorsing your command and aptitude on translating. Don’t forget to mention the levels of expertise for the language clusters you are eager to offer your services for. TBH definitely is the most hospitable place on planet for the right talent in translation domain.

What do I do if I have questions about the text?

We have dedicated 'Project Managers' who are available round the clock to troubleshoot your problems. Just email to with your specific query regarding the problem you are experiencing with the text/ files submitted for translation. The Project Manager would provide you with satisfactory response at the earliest or facilitate your direct contact with the customer, if the situation demands such an arrangement. Our support structure for translators is elaborate so as to provide timely strategic help to them.

What happens if I deliver the translation late?

TBH stands apart from other contemporary translation services in terms of its commitment to customers to provide stellar work at most competitive rates with shortest turnaround time. Deadlines need to be adhered to at any cost else our professional relationship with clients would be adversely affected, thus tarnishing our image.

You can always get in touch with the assigned Project Manager at Translate By Humans in the event of uncertainty pertaining to exact deadline for completed project submission. If you perceive that you won’t be able to complete the project within the committed deadline and consequently need more time for job completion, please get in touch with respective Project Manager without wasting another moment. Any alteration to the deadline needs to be invariably approved by the Project Manager at TBH well in advance.

If TBH does not receive the completed assignment within the mutually agreed schedule or you are not available for contact once the time has lapsed, we will reassign the assignment to another competent translator. The consequent monetary damages incurred by us would be charged to you or based on the extent of damage to our reputation, we may also consider blacklisting.

What happens if there is a complaint about my work?

In the event of customer complaining about shoddy work, we would reach you personally over phone or on your registered email for discussing the feedbacks of customer. We assure our clients 100% money back if the completed works does not live up to their expectations. However, prior to full refund, we try to make amends for minor errors that when rectified would make the translation impeccable. In this case, our Project Manager would advise you to set the errors right. However, if the extent of shabby work is more and the translated content is of no use, we will hold the concerned translator liable for the damages incurred. Consequently, the indemnification charges along with suitable punitive charges would be deducted from the outstanding payment of the translator. Depending upon the severity of damage to our credibility and loss to customer, we may consider disabling the concerned translator account for some length of time or permanently. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Are proofreading jobs also available?

Translators who have stellar track record in the domain of translation would be entrusted with proof reading jobs. We have stringent quality control measures in place at TBH and proof reading constitutes one such vital measure. This critical job has profound impact on our reputation as the premiere translation agency. If you are willing to offer your services as a proofreader for appraising the finished jobs of other translators, we would highly appreciate this gesture of yours and compensate adequately.

How do I accept a translation job at TBH?

Once you have fulfilled the requisites as specified earlier, we will notify you over telephone or on your email once translation or proofreading assignments are available with Translate By Humans. The assignments that would come your way would be filtered depending upon your proficiency in the languages and extent of relevant experience.

Can I cancel a job after accepting it?

Please get in touch with us at immediately if you don’t wish to continue with the translation jobs assigned to you. This will help us to initiate necessary steps to get the job done within committed schedule.

I have a question that is not in your FAQs. How can I get it answered?

Just send us an email with your specific queries. We will try to troubleshoot your problems or questions pertaining to translation jobs within 24 hours of receiving your email at


How do I get paid?

We have a fair and transparent payment policy for translators rendering their services to Translate By Humans from across the world. This is intended to promote a healthy professional culture wherein each contributor is suitably and timely rewarded for his/ her stellar efforts.

We will deposit your payment through following secure gateways:

1) PayPal

2) Moneybookers/Skrill

3) Bank Transfer

And more...just ask!

When will I be paid?

We never delay payments of translators as we appreciate the amount of effort you have put in to complete the assignment accurately. 'Translate By Humans' stands committed to making swift payments to translators after 15 working days of submitting the project successfully.

What is your invoicing address?

Our registered office address is as below:
Translate By Humans [Innovative Humans Limited]
79 College Road
Greater London
VAT Id : GB211203483