What is Translate By Humans, and how does it work?

'Translate By Humans' is a sincere attempt to alleviate difficulties and hitches experienced by authentic translation service seekers through streamlined, multi-lingual, professional, eclectic, time efficient and cost competitive translation in unbelievably all major languages and dialects prevalent across the globe. Our agency caters to entire array of your translation related requirements without compromising quality.

Our services are transparently online and intuitively simple to use. You have three steps to follow and accurate, error-free, thematically compatible translated outcome awaits you.

  1. Specify the source and destination language(s) (you can choose more than one translated-to languages) on our landing page
  2. Enter the text in the specified input box or Upload your file for translation
  3. Define the translation category type (this is essential to have the final translated content tweaked inherently to adequately capture the finer nuances that delineate textual types like technical, medical, general, legal etc.)

Once done, kindly press the ‘Translate Now’ button with a green hue and the text/ file would be sent to our team for translation. We ensure prompt processing of text by immediately dispatching the content to the concerned translator registered with us. We value the trust you pose on us and as such enroll translators who are native speakers of the languages they register themselves for, possess relevant certifications endorsing their capabilities, have a number of years of pertinent experience under their belts and are readily available. Once translated, the content is proof read by another competent and seasoned translator to iron out any inconsistencies. Final translated content is sent back to you. We will always walk the extra mile to offer you optimum value for your money, time and trust.

How do I submit a translation project?

Submission of a translation project is really hassle-free.

On our 'Home' Page, we have graphical user interface that allows for

  • Selection of source and destination languages ( you may opt for more than one target languages)
  • Entering of source text or uploading of the file intended for translation
  • Defining the type of translated content

I am facing an issue in uploading file. What can I do?

Our service team is keen to resolve/ troubleshoot any problem that you may experience while uploading the file for translation. Don’t worry. Just drop us an email instantly at and our reps will get back to you at the earliest with the solution to the problem you have come across. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

How long will my translation take?

Our skilled translators would get the job done for you within a day. However, the delivery time may vary slightly depending on

  • Textual content type ( i.e. project’s complexity as technical, medical and other projects may take time to be deciphered and aligned with the semantic sense of the translated language)
  • Project size
  • The type of source and destination languages

How do I know when my translation is complete, and how do I receive the completed document?

We will notify the completion of translation task to you instantly through email and will also send the translated content as an attachment in the same email. Our project managers are keen to ensure that the translation gets completed within the shortest possible time and is delivered to you upfront.

In which file format do I receive my translation?

You will receive the translated content in the same file format that you have opted for while sending the source data. Exception to this are scanned documents or Adobe Acrobat documents (popularly known as .pdf files) which our translators peruse and then store the translated content in reusable file format such as MS Word or in plain text. In any case, the translated content sent would be in electronically readable document or textual mode.

Here special mention is deserved for content that is in image format or is depicted in textual manner through images. Such images do not come under the purview of translation at optimized rates and will be charged extra for the quantum of efforts our translators would put in to decipher the content. You are requested to send us the images separately at

Can I cancel my order?

Of course, you can. We extend all possible conveniences to our esteemed customers to make your engagement fruitful. However, kindly note that ongoing projects on which the translators have started working cannot be cancelled. Orders can only be canceled before the start of actual translation by the translator.

What is your Refund policy?

You are entitled for 100% refund in the event of the following:

  • Non adherence to committed deadlines: Certain unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances may cause inadvertent delay in delivering the translated content. You can lodge a complaint with us if the final content has not been delivered to you even after lapsing of 2 working days. We will gladly return your money.
  • Dissatisfaction with the quality of translated content received: We will entertain your request for refund on a case to case basis i.e. you will qualify for complete refund of the fee if the translated content as sent by “Translate By Humans” is not in the language you have ordered for.
  • Blunders show up in the translated content: If the translated content, as delivered to you, upon your scrutiny shows up errors, kindly get in touch with our team instantly. You are requested to indicate the specific issues that have not met your expectations and our team would immediately attend to the same. The corrected revision would be sent to you within the stipulated time and we will not charge a single penny for the same.

Despite our best efforts to resolve your issues, if you are still not satisfied with the translated content, you are requested to raise the case with us. We will consider the probability of refund depending upon the gravity of the case. Kindly bear in mind that if the refund is asked for alleged mistakes after the stipulated period has lapsed, we will not be able to entertain your request. We will address your issues on a case by case basis for your optimal delight and productivity.

How do you guarantee quality?

A) We stand apart from other niche translators due to our quality consciousness and zero tolerance for errors. To accomplish the same, we have engaged a team of experienced, certified and insightful translators who are native speakers of the languages they offer service for. ‘Translate By Humans’ scrutinize the credentials of each prospective translator assiduously so as to deliver impeccable results.

You can rely on our quality assurance commitment because:

  • Each translator is a native speaker of the language for which he/ she renders translation services for
  • Each translator is academically proficient and possesses a minimum of ‘Degree’ certificate or have educational level equivalent to the same
  • Each translator has a minimum of 1 year of relevant experience in the translation domain under his/ her belt
  • Each registered translator is referred to by a minimum of 2 of his/ her previous clients for impeccable performance in the previous professional stint
  • Each translator is mandatorily a member of a professional body or association acclaimed by the translation industry in his/ her country

How can I tell the word count?

Our website has an embedded smart editor which intuitively counts the number of words in the common file types uploaded by you. This holds true for file types like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Pdf etc. However, if your text is in scanned document format, we would request you to count the number of words and place the order accordingly. If this inconveniences you, our reps would gladly do the same for you. Just send the file to our email Our translators would assiduously count the number of words to be translated and would revert to you with the exact number of words in the text meant for translation.

Can I receive the transcribed/translated text as subtitles?

Yes, we can definitely get that done for you. While uploading your file(s)/text, please add a Note (found in Step 2 of our simple 1-2-3 Steps) specifying the format in which you need your translated files like .srt, etc.

Why should I use Translate By Humans and not any other translation companies?

'Translate by Humans' is human in spirit and action.

We materialize your translation related aspirations by deploying an efficient, seasoned, proficient and insightful fleet of translators who are native speakers of the languages they seek to translate the content to.

We don’t have bots in place who mindlessly translate the content without emphasizing on the subtle differences that preserve the integrity of the translated product and render it usable.

Our rates are cheapest in the entire industry at jaw-dropping $0.08 per word.

Our services are covered by an iron clad 100% money back guarantee wherein we assure you that the delivered content would live up to your expectations else you qualify for complete refund of the translation fee.

Our professional services can be accessed 24X7.

Translated content is proofread by another translator to ensure that inadvertent errors are eliminated conclusively.

Our services are ramified in the sense that we offer focused translation for diverse array of contents pertaining to medical, legal, technical, financial, e-mail, blog, video, app, live and website domains.

Our turnaround time is lowest and we assiduously attend to each project to provide error-free translation to help you retain your competitive edge.

We stake our claim to being the preeminent translation service provider in the industry with a definitive edge over adversaries.

Which file types do you support?

We support the entire array of files containing/ depicting textual content. ON the landing page of our site, we have an embedded smart text editor which you can use for directly entering the source text intended to be translated. Alternately, you can upload files with one or more extensions such as .doc (MS Word), .ppt (MS Powerpoint), .xls (MS Excel), .pdf (Adobe Acrobat), .jpg, .gif (image files) and others. File formats such as .sdl, .gxz and other relevant ones are also supported by us. You can get in touch with our support team in advance to verify if the file format of your content is supported by us to experience seamless translation services.

My file is too big. How can I upload it?

We facilitate uploading of files with a maximum size of 20 MB through our site. If your file size exceeds this limit, please don’t feel intimidated. We have an array of sharing options to help you send the file to us promptly. You can use Google Docs, Dropbox, Cloud etc. to send us the file. Once you have uploaded the file to any online sharing medium, just send us an email to with the link and our translation team would promptly get down to help you out.

I have a question that is not on your FAQs - how can I get an answer?

Please drop us an email at and we will answer your questions within 24 hours.

Is there a special rate for large projects?

Yes, you are our special client and something special awaits you to make your experience a rewarding one. We treat bulky projects with deference and offer handsome discounts for projects with substantially higher number of words to be translated. Our customer service representatives are always accessible and eager to chalk out attractive deals once you reach us with your exact requirements. We promise that the rates we offer would be the lowest in the industry and relieve your budget of any monetary constraints. Reach is at

Translation services are usually costly. How come your service is so affordable?

Our services are cost competitive as we focus on quality and innovation. We maintain an elaborate team of in-house vernacular translators who immediately get down to translating the moment you upload the content. This heightened efficiency ensures that unnecessary overheads are cut short. Any necessary monetary expense in the supply chain is borne by us and we don’t pass off the financial burden to our unsuspecting customers. We ethically conduct our business and as such keep our profit margins reasonably low so as to shield you from exorbitant prices. Our pricing philosophy is simple; you need to shell out money for only the number of words you have ordered for and not for hours or pages as other translating agencies charge for. This is the secret behind our jaw-dropping low prices.

Where is my invoice ?

Once you confirm your order on the ‘Translate By Humans’ site, we will e-mail the invoice on the registered address. If your orders have been placed offline through our customer care section representatives, the invoice will be sent to the address you request for. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

How can I see the status of my order ?

Tracking the status of orders is really simple. You will have to create an account on our site and through the membership page; you can track the progress of work. You can also get in touch with us on our email and our representatives would revert with relevant details at the earliest.

I have special request for the translator. Where do I enter it?

You can enter the same on our home page. During the process of order placement, as you would move to Step 2, you would come across an option allowing you to enter special request for the translator. Just jot down your request over there. Our translator would pay special attention to the points mentioned in the note prior to commencement of the translation. We would like to emphasize again that all special requests should be communicated clearly to us during order placement for optimum outcome.

How can I work with the same translator?

As mentioned above, in the Step 2 of placing your order on our site, we have a dedicated space wherein you can write down any special request you seek attention to. You can use this space to mention the specific translator who you want to have your work delegated to. You also need to provide us the previous order number reference so as to facilitate easy tracking of the translator and make him handle the task for you.

Do you offer a free trial?

Our translation services are unbelievably cheap and undisputedly the lowest in the industry. We offer amazing discounts for bulk works. Our refund policy is comprehensive. Our translated content is 100% accurate, captures the nuances of the language and thematically identical to the translated language. All the aforesaid sum up to provide user experience that is above the par by industry standards and offer optimum value for money that would surpass any free trial offers. We don’t believe in free trials as we have full confidence in our offerings.


Do you provide certified translation?

Yes, the stellar quality of our services may be endorsed by suitable certification. We are eager to initiate any step that may satisfy your quest for authentic services. In this bid, we provide certified translations upon your specific request. You are requested to specify your requirement of certified translation of the document while placing the order with us. If we would come across any issues, we will notify about the same to you prior to commencement of the translation process. The certificate would explicitly state that the translation has been carried out by a certified translator. You can seek redressal of any particular concern bothering you by sending our team an email at

Do you translate video/audio files?

Yes. We carry out translation and transcription of content stored in your audio and video files. For this, you are requested to send us an email at with your specific need pertaining to audio or video files translations.

What is Proofreading only?

Our team of native speaking translators provides proofreading services as well. Proof reading means we review the text that you provide in the languages it is written and fix it where needed.

Please get in touch to if you want to use our proof reading services.

What kind of materials/text do you translate?

Our translation service customarily encompasses two distinct tiers. The first is the general textual content which is contained within email correspondences and other documents with plain text. The second is the special text translation under whose scope translation of medical, legal, technical, art, music, and other such text or documents are covered. We extend support for all common document and file formats like MS Office, Adobe Acrobat’s pdf, zip, and so on.

How much does the translation cost?

Translate By Humans offer cost efficient translation services starting from an unbelievable $0.08 per word. Apart from this, we don’t burden our esteemed customers with any other charges like overheads, service fees, hidden costs or extras. Our pricing structure is simple and transparent. You will be notified about the total cost to be incurred for your translation request upfront once you select the type of translation service you need. The transaction charges pertaining to PayPal services are borne by us and you won’t have to shell out any additional penny.

I have a professional translation (e.g. Medical translation, Legal translation, Technical translation, business translation etc.). How much will it cost?

It won’t cost you a fortune for sure. Our services are extremely cost competitive and we guarantee the lowest price in the industry apart from an iron clad assurance of full refund if the translation does not live up to your expectations. We will apprise you of the special text translation rates once you have uploaded your file or text. The final calculated amount would be displayed on the site or will be notified through email to you.

Our special text categories are:

  • Ad Words or Banners
  • Automotive or Aerospace
  • Business or Forex or Finance
  • CV
  • Gaming or Video Games
  • Legal and Certificates
  • Marketing or Consumer or Media
  • Medical
  • Mobile Applications
  • Patents
  • Scientific and Academic
  • Software and IT
  • Technical and Engineering
  • Travel and Tourism

You need to ascertain while uploading the text that you have selected 'Special Text Translation' mode if you are seeking the services of a certified expert to meet your specific requirements. This is imperative as general translators would be able to generically translate the text, but may not possess the required level of proficiency to handle the technical subtleties of the content in special format.

How long does translation take?

Our team takes about one hour to translate up to 200 words ONCE our native speaking translator starts working on your text/file. A professional translator can translate about 2,000 – 2,500 words per day.

What type of transcription services do you provide?

We offer transcription of content submitted to us in audio and video formats as well as for technical documents such as medical transcription. Our proficient vernacular translators would assiduously collect the entire content as broadcasted through the audio/ video media and then carry out translation to the desired language in a semantically corresponding manner. We have certified and experienced translators who would attend to transcription needs of technical documents such as medical related files.

How much do you charge for transcription service?

Our charges for transcription services are highly cost competitive and lowest in the industry. Once you have sent us the media files meant for transcription, our translators would analyze the content and based on the complexity quotient would quote the best rates to you. Only upon your acceptance, we would proceed with the transcription process. We assure you that our rates are very nominal and are stripped of any hidden, overhead or additional charges.

What format or type of audio or video files do you accept?

We accept all popular file formats for audio and video media. Prominent among the accepted file formats are .wav, .mp3 (audio) and .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mpeg, .mkv (video files). However, if your data is present in a format that differs from the aforementioned file format, don’t fret. Just send an email to with the specific file and our team would revert within 24 hours to apprise you if the file can be transcribed.

How do I get my files to you?

You can send us the audio and video files through email at our address The transcribed content would be sent back to you on the same email address upon completion.

What is meant by difficult audio quality?

Difficult audio refers to the content which is either narrated to in a manner that is not audible/ decipherable or uses verbiage/ jargon which is technically too complicated or uses words that are not in common use. Once you send us the audio file for transcription, our team would employ optimum efforts to transcribe the content in audio file and accordingly quote charges.

How long will it take to transcribe?

We will complete the transcription within 24-48 hours of the submission of the source file. However, the duration may get stretched depending upon the complexity of the content, the amount of technical jargon to be handled, the destination language for transcription and whether or not you have opted for proofreading post transcription. We assure you that in any instance our turnaround time is the lowest in the industry.

How do you transcribe so quickly?

The secret behind our quick transcription essentially lies in the proficiency of our vernacular and certified translators who apart from being the native speakers of the destination language also possess a formidable experience of having successfully transcribed numerous files. Our supply chain is devoid of any red tapes and we get down to work the moment your file is received by us.

Do you provide timestamps?

Yes, we do provide timestamps upon specific request by the client. If you are desirous of having the timestamp imprinted on the final transcribed content, do specify the same in the notes section in Step 2 or alternatively send us an email at with your request. We will gladly comply in deference to your wishes.

What formatting do you incorporate in the transcripts?

We incorporate the default formatting of the source file in the transcribed result. If you want us to adopt a particular style of formatting in the outcome, do send us an email with the same intent at .

Can you provide a verbatim transcription that includes filler words?

Yes, our native translators can provide verbatim transcription replete with filler words to make the outputted content semantically same as the source content. Our certified translators are highly proficient and have worked on numerous projects and as such they can carry out the transcriptions in exactly the same manner as you wish.

Do you have court/medical-trained transcriptionists?

Yes, only certified translators with court/ medical trained transcription proficiency are delegated the responsibility of transcribing technical/ medical/ and other relevant documents.

Can you transcribe multi-speaker files?

Yes, we can. We have advanced infrastructure in place that assists us in seamlessly deciphering the content of the multi-speaker files and accordingly carry out transcription in the desired destination language without compromising on quality.

Do you offer transcription services in which languages?

We offer transcription services in all major languages or dialects prevalent worldwide. Our vernacular transcribers are equally proficient. Prominent languages for which transcription service is extended include Spanish, Chinese, English, German, Russian etc./p>

How do I pay for transcription?

You can pay us through PayPal or major credit/ debit cards issued by renowned banks/ financial institutions. Our payment gateway is managed and controlled by PayPal, which is a name to reckon with in the realms of safe and secure online monetary transactions.


How much do you charge?

We charge a nominal sum of $0.08 per word for general text translation for any source and target languages pair. For special translation services, the rates may vary a bit on the upper side as the translator has to invest more time and energy to keep the translated content semantically same. However, we never burden or dupe our esteemed customers with minimum, hidden, or project management charges.

Does Translate by Humans have a minimum charge?

No. Rest assured that we would never charge you any overheads or minimum charges. We operate on highly ethical lines and keep our profit margins significantly low. We charge you for the translation services availed on per word basis only. Apart from this, we don’t have any cryptic charges, concealed taxes, or project management fees.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a renowned online monetary transaction facilitator through which one can pay or get paid in safe and hassle free manner. We accept payment for the translation services availed by you through PayPal only. The medium is safe and your sensitive financial information would not be divulged or accessed to in any manner.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through PayPal and Credit or Debit Cards only. This is essential for keeping the monetary transactions safe and to foil any fraudulent manipulation of your sensitive financial information. The security policies enforced by PayPal have been acknowledged worldwide for their resistance to security breaches. Consequently, the payment gateway of Translate By Humans is controlled and secured by PayPal.

How secure is our website?

Our website is intrinsically secure and the confidential information of the customers entrusted to us remains safe always. The security of our site is bolstered by secured socket layer protection with the latest version enforced. It is immune to DDOS and other attacks by hackers. We have hosted our website on platform offered by USA's prestigious hosting provider. The hosting environment’s security has been augment with multi-tier protection layers. The site’s security is constantly monitored round the clock and any security breaches are attended to physically by hosts. Our payment gateway is controlled and managed PayPal, the renowned international payment platform. Your sensitive financial information as exchanged during payment transaction remains safe. Our Privacy Policy is comprehensive and all encompassing. We respect the integrity of the confidential user information shared with us. We will never sell or misuse your personal information, come what may. The security of your information is covered by our standard Confidentiality Agreement; you can go through the same in our Terms and Conditions section.


Who sees the documents for translation or other services?

The source content in text or other document formats uploaded/ submitted by you on our site is viewed exclusively by the designated translator and subsequently by the translator carrying out the proofreading task, if you have opted for both translation and proofreading. Special files or format are scrutinized by our team to ascertain the viability of translation/ transcription. Apart from them, none other have access to your information.

Are your services provides bound by a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes. Prior to roping in any certified translator in our ranks, we get his/ her signature on a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Each translator commits himself to be dictated by the terms and conditions of the NDA. If someone refuses to abide by the NDA clauses, his/ her service is immediately terminated. We attach top priority to safeguarding the sensitive information of our clients and we would go to any length to prevent any confidentiality breach.

Is the service secured?

Yes. We enforce optimum security to maintain the integrity of our services. We embrace SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encryption technology coupled with other safety measures to ensure that the sensitive information pertaining to our esteemed clients and translators and contained in the text/ file/ documents submitted for translation remains safe at any cost. We have executed more than 1000 translation projects till date and there hasn’t been a single instance of security breach. Our hosting service providers are based in USA and they too implement numerous contemporary and advanced security techniques for optimum safety.

Voice Over Services

What is Voice-over?

Voice-over (also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a production technique where a voice—that is not part of the narrative (non-diegetic)—is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations. The voice-over is read from a script and may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production or by a specialist voice talent. It is usually pre-recorded and placed over the top of a film or video and commonly used in documentaries or news reports to explain information. It may also be read live for events such as award presentations.

Are the voice talents native speakers?

Yes, all our voice talents are vernacular speakers and are experts in capturing the nuances of the language.

Are the voice talents professionals?

Yes all our voice talents hold relevant certification in the voice over job and have functioned as professional voice over artists for long time.

Do you have voices in other languages?

Yes, we do have. Just send us your request and we would do the needful to fulfill your request optimally.

How do I pay for my voice over services?

You can pay us through PayPal or major credit/ debit cards issued by renowned banks/ financial institutions. Our payment gateway is managed and controlled by PayPal, which is a name to reckon with in the realm of safe and secure online monetary transactions.

What if I’m not completely happy with the voice over?

You can contact us immediately at our email and notify about the objections you have in the delivered outcome. We will gladly assist in setting the problems right to make you content with the final result.

What is the difference between broadcast and non-broadcast?

Broadcast audio is a transmission; such as radio and television transmission. The reason why these are BROADCAST elements is because they are live material and also because they cannot be in any manner be fast forwarded, paused, stopped or rewound. You have to sit through the adverts and boring scenes or songs on the TV and Radio so you can hear your favorite song on the radio or watch your favorite TV program.

Non Broadcast audio is antonymous to broadcast. You can pause, stop, rewind and fast forward video and, or audio as and when you feel like or if there is a need too. As non-broadcast is not live or a continuous stream of media, it can also be played at any time of the day. Example of this can be videos posted on YouTube.

Caption / Subtitle

What is the difference between closed captions and subtitles?

Subtitles are customarily used for displaying the exact words uttered by the character in video file on the screen. They are intended for people who prefer to have the dialogs displayed on screen. On the other hand, closed captions refer to subtitles that capture every subtlety in the video file right from the dialects mouthed by the actors to the noises such as those generated by falling objects and onomatopoeias. Closed captions vary from subtitles in that the latter only display spoken words.

What languages can you create subtitles in?

We can create subtitles in all major languages in common use worldwide. Our fleet of translators hails from different parts of the world and as such we extend support from German, Spanish, Chinese, English, and Russian etc.

What caption and subtitle file formats can you provide?

We support all common caption and subtitle file formats prominent among them being .srt ( Sub Rip subtitle).It is a text format that originated in the DVD-ripping software SubRip, hence received its name.

A caption frame in SRT consists of :

  1. A number indicating which subtitle it is in the sequence.
  2. The time that the subtitle should appear on the screen, and then disappear.
  3. The caption text.
  4. A blank line indicating the start of a new subtitle.

SRT caption files are compatible with videos on media players, lecture capture software, and major video recording software.

Other file formats supported by us include SBV, Flash DFXP, SMI or SAMI (Windows Media), SCC, CPT.XML (Flash Captionate XML), QT (QuickTime), STL (Spruce Subtitle File), and WebVTT (HTML5 media players).

What video file formats can you accept?

We accept all major and popular video file formats, prominent among them being .wmv (Windows), flash, quick time, .mkv, and HTML5 video.

How do I get my finished caption files?

The finished caption files will be mailed to you on the email address you have specified or used while sending the source file to us. Please look out for email from in your mail box.

How can we get our videos to you?

You can send us the source videos on our email address and we would start working on the same at the earliest.

Do you need full-resolution, master video files?

It would serve our purpose better if you can send us full resolution master video files as each word uttered in the video would be audible. It is imperative that you send us the master file in high resolution if your intention is to seek close caption creation service as only then we can decipher each noise sequence in the video.

How do I pay for my captions?

You can pay us through PayPal or major credit/ debit cards issued by renowned banks/ financial institutions. Our payment gateway is managed and controlled by PayPal, which is a name to reckon with in the realms of safe and secure online monetary transactions.

Can I give you a transcript or vocabulary list for my video?

Yes, you may send the same to us on our email address and our transcribers would try their best to incorporate the transcript or vocabulary list supplied by you in the transcribed outcome. To learn more, please send us an email at

Do your captions meet requirements set by Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and other online stores?

Yes, our captions live up to the acceptability standards set by Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and other online stores.

ISO certified

At Translate By Humans, you can benefit from top quality translation from our team of experts. We are ISO certified, so you can expect error-free, accurate results every time.