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Steps to Follow

You can deliver timely customer support in a language your customers can understand by using the Translate By Humans app for Zendesk and following a few simple steps:

Log into your Translate By Humans Account
Receive Customer Support Ticket in a Specific Language
Click ‘Reply’ and Type the Reply to the Request
Order Creation and Delivery

Download and install the Translate By Humans app for Zendesk that is available under the Zendesk marketplace and log in with the Translate By Humans account details. In order to create, account details, select sign-up and provide your email. We will create an account for you and send details to this email. Use these log in details to log into your account and start the translation process.

Step 2

Let’s say there is a customer who will send a customer support request in Japanese. Machine translation will translate this message into a language your support team will understand (say that language is English).

Step 3

Your customer support team members can now type in a reply to the message received in their native language, which in this case is English. They can then choose the source language (English) and the target language that is the language into which the reply needs to be translated (Japanese). They must then choose the category of the reply and click ‘Translate’.

Step 4

Once the support clicks on ‘Translate’ they will find an order being created for the translation. They will also see the message ‘order assigned’, which means the message has been assigned to a Japanese translator for translation. Once the translation is done, they will see a message ‘translation complete’, and they will receive the translation, which can then be sent to their customer.

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Complete Customer Satisfaction

Translate By Humans focuses on delivering translation that is not only accurate from the translation perspective but also keeps the specific dialectal needs in mind while translating from one language to another. Couple this with our adherence to strict quality standards and the expertise and experience of our translators across business domains and you have translation services that deliver immense customer satisfaction. You get the best translations money can buy, for numerous languages and with fast turnaround times.

Across Country

Across People

Across Language

Optimize Time

Customer Support in Native Languages

Translate By Humans enables you to keep your customers satisfied and meet their customer support demands successfully, by answering their queries in their native languages. Irrespective of the language your customers speak and understand, we make it absolutely easy for you to meet their customer support needs in their language. This inspires confidence in your business offerings and also helps build trust in your brand.

Competitive Pricing


We bring high quality translations within reach of businesses irrespective of their size or scope. Our translation services are affordable and the pricing is extremely transparent. Our charges are $10 per user + translation charges. To know more about our translation charges and pricing please contact us.

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At Translate By Humans, you can benefit from top quality translation from our team of experts. We are ISO certified, so you can expect error-free, accurate results every time.