Jan 11, 2019

The Translate By Humans App for Zendesk – Version 2.0 Update

It is extremely exciting to begin 2019 with new upgrades to our products and services! At Translate By Humans, we love to learn and grow and taking steps towards creating a superior product helps us evolve.

The rollout of the 2nd version of the Translate By Humans app for Zendesk multilingual support sees 3 major updates that will make life easier for customer support agents using our technology on the help desk tool.

1) Dual tabs to check on a ticket’s order status

Zendesk Dual Tabs Update

By providing a two-part view of the translation orders placed on Zendesk, this update allows the agent to view all the orders linked to a particular ticket under a single list. There is no more need to scroll down endless lists of orders to find the translations linked to a particular ticket. All translations linked to the ticket under scrutiny can be pulled up by a single click.

2) Reassign tickets to available agents

Zendesk Reassign Tickets Update

If an agent goes away on holiday before receiving their requested translations, the support you provide to your foreign customer need not stop. Now the tickets that are waiting for translations can be reassigned to another agent who will then be able to use the incoming translations as was intended. This update allows for a seamless process in customer support, accounting for unplanned changes with the existing support team.

3) The ticket number is now mentioned on the order summary

Zendesk Ticket Number Update

A small yet much-needed detail will now allow the agent to view the ticket number under all other details related to a translation order, allowing for a faster response strategy by being able to discern which order is for which ticket. Our dual-tab view already segregates the translations so that the agent may view the translations placed on the current ticket separately. But by being able to identify a ticket number among a long list of translations, the agents will now be able to keep a tab on the translation order status of any ticket from any page in their Zendesk dashboard.

While this may conclude our list of updates to the Translate By Humans app for Zendesk, by no means is this going to be a rare occurrence. We are looking to roll out further updates as we receive more feedback from customers, as well as from our improved understanding of how we can bring small but sure comforts to clients and support agents.

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Mahi Baid

Mahi Baid

Mahi Baid is the Senior Growth Manager at Translate By Humans. She is also a seasoned project manager, very well versed with every stage of our service cycle, and an expert when it comes to the Financial Translation Industry.

Mahi is an advocate of healthy, organic living. She is a trained chef and can make an absolutely unforgettable Thai curry!

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