Apr 18, 2019

The Translate By Humans App for Zendesk – Version 2.1 Update

The Translate By Humans app for Zendesk is constantly going under the knife. Thanks to the valuable customer feedback we receive and the constant market research we do, upgrades are a frequent feature to the app.
Our aim is to make the app match your workflow and enhance your productivity and the three major updates to the 2.1 version are here to do just that!

1)  Live in-app notifications for completed translations

Zendesk Completed Orders app Notification

With the new version of the app, it is simpler to keep track of orders that are complete. As soon as a translation is ready, a green sticker will appear on the ticket tabs, notifying the supporter of the order’s completion. This way the supporter automatically knows that an order has been updated without having to constantly refresh the order statuses. You supporter can now save precious time in being able to respond to your customer.

2) Highlighted order box means there is a new completed translation

Zendesk Completed Order Status Notification

A new translation could be buried within the app under all the new orders you placed for translation. We are introducing this feature for you to be able to identify an order that has received a Completed Translation. When the status of an order upgrades itself to “complete”, the order box is highlighted with a grey shade for you to be able to distinguish it from the other on-going orders.

3) We have introduced text editing

Zendesk Text Editing Feature

The text box within the app now imitates the text box on your ticket responder. Edit tools such as bold and italics, help you customize your response within the app itself. You can now create bullet points and paragraph breaks so that your response seems natural. You no longer need to work on the format blindly when you receive the translation in a foreign language. Editing the text within the app now allows you to keep to the original format of the response even when you receive the translation back.
These small yet essential additions to the TBH app on Zendesk, make the product ready to help you deliver speedy and accurate multilingual customer service!

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Mahi Baid

Mahi Baid

Mahi Baid is the Senior Growth Manager at Translate By Humans. She is also a seasoned project manager, very well versed with every stage of our service cycle, and an expert when it comes to the Financial Translation Industry.

Mahi is an advocate of healthy, organic living. She is a trained chef and can make an absolutely unforgettable Thai curry!

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