Jan 07, 2021

Setting Benchmarks with ISO 17100:2015 Certified Translation Services

What’s the best way to do this?

If we had to explain to someone what the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) does, it would be the answer to this question for every possible product and service available in the world today.

Organizations worldwide need certain ‘touchstones’ or standards to ensure the safety, quality, and reliability of their services and products. These standards help in building trust among the consumers and in preventing any accidents or harmful effects. ISO consists of individuals who are experts in various fields and industries. They carefully evaluate product and service processes and set standards for businesses to meet.

As an ISO 17100:2015 certified translation company, Translate By Humans upholds the highest industry standards and provides quality translations to its clients.

What is ISO 17100:2015?

The ISO 17100:2015 ‘includes provisions for translation service providers (TSPs) concerning the management of core processes, minimum qualification requirements, the availability and management of resources, and other actions necessary to deliver a quality translation service.’

Here’s an overview of what the ISO standards cover:

  • Professional requirements and qualifications of translators, proofreaders, project managers, etc. to ensure that they are competent enough to carry out all the processes efficiently.
  • Standards and requirements for project enquiry, quotation, handling client information, technical aspects of the project, administrative processes, linguistic specifications, etc.
  • Standards for translation, proofreading, verification by the project manager, and any other additional services the company is providing to the client.
  • Standards for communicating with the client, addressing their feedback, managing modifications, client satisfaction, etc.

Why choose an ISO 17100:2015 certified translation provider?

The ISO standards mentioned above are integral to every translation process – right from assessing the project and giving the client a quotation to ensuring the quality of the translation through various checks. Check out how choosing an ISO 17100:2015 certified translation provider helps you get quality and efficient translation.

1. Build trust among your clients and customers

Employing an ISO certified translation provider provides your clients and customers with the assurance that you strive to maintain international quality standards. Consequently, this reflects on your brand’s image – a brand that values quality.

2. Work within an efficient quality management system

Your translation provider must meet the standards for an efficient system that avoids miscommunication and misplacement of files. Any given point, you must be able to track the progress of your project(s) and identify red flags.

3. Work with qualified professionals and avoid errors

When a translation provider collaborates with top-notch translators and linguists to get your project done, you can rest assured that they have put their best people to work. A certified company collaborates with those who meet some specific professional requirements concerning their translation skills, industry experience, and expertise in a particular subject.


At Translate By Humans, we have dedicated Project Managers for avoiding the confusion that arises by dealing with multiple points of contact. Additionally, our quality analysis system ensures that every translation goes through multiple checks by experienced linguists.

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Aarohi Pathak

Aarohi Pathak

Aarohi Pathak is the Senior Content Writer at Translate by Humans. A former English literature student, she believes that the world's best stories are yet to be written. Given a choice, Aarohi happily wears the copywriter's hat and combines words that drive action. She has previously written content for finance and insurance, FMCG, and technology industries.

When she's not writing, Aarohi spends time collecting mugs, reading, and checking TV series off her 'to watch' list.

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