Human Translation API
May 25, 2017

Launching the Human Translations API – Quick, Easy and Reliable!

At Translate By Humans, we constantly work towards making the human translation process easier for our users. Luckily, technology has been on our side and over time we have been able to improve our services with technical and procedural improvements in our system. This year, our technical team worked hard to design and launch the Human Translations API. It aims to provide a solution to our users with bulk translation needs.

Mobile apps, websites, software, or any dynamic platforms that need regular translations due to their variable nature, will now be faster to translate by using our flashing new API. Our API supports all types of files so clients do not need to worry about converting their texts/documents before submission. Our API can be easily integrated with Standard or Custom CMS, making it possible to get multilingual sites/documents/data translated within hours.

Supported files
List of the file types we support for translation

With the launch of our Human Translation API we are expecting to improve our delivery time significantly as it will cut down back and forth of emails that have been necessary until now. The new API will allow our clients to place an order from their system directly into ours – thanks to the credit  option available to the API users! It will now be a breeze to place and track your orders.

All API users can purchase prepaid credit points and use them to place orders through our integrated API. This will reduce the hassle of making payments for every order as well as reduce the costs drastically. The more credits a user buys, the more discounted the translation rates are. If the user were to place the same amount of orders through our website, it would cost significantly more.

Even with our API, our quality promise is the same – the translations will be done by expert, qualified, native speakers and the delivery time will be reduced considerably.

The challenge of integrating our new API is to keep the users’ setup process as seamless as possible. To ease the experience and integration of our API, our team has provided a sandbox environment. All developers can use this environment to make sure that everything is well integrated before experimenting on their live environments. The sandbox environment will act just like the live API integration would. It will allow the developer to iron out all possible technical glitches before integrating their live environment. Once fully tested, the sandbox environment can be replicated on the live environment without issues. The Translate By Humans SDK for PHP makes the API integration with clients’ environment much simpler as it is a secure RESTful API.

With localization playing a key role in the expansion of most of the global businesses, it is quite important for them to reach out to their target audiences in local languages. Multilingual content helps reach and retain more users/consumers; hence raising the growth graph significantly. Our API technology is here to ease that conversation between our users and their target audience. So, if you are aiming to expand your business for local audiences, try our Human Translations API today – it’s easy to integrate, quick to use and reliable to trust for quality!

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Mahi Baid

Mahi Baid

Mahi Baid is the Senior Growth Manager at Translate By Humans. She is also a seasoned project manager, very well versed with every stage of our service cycle, and an expert when it comes to the Financial Translation Industry.

Mahi is an advocate of healthy, organic living. She is a trained chef and can make an absolutely unforgettable Thai curry!

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