Case Study – Financial Translations for Bondora

With globalization on the rise, reaching out to customers in their native language is the need of the hour. Find out how we helped Estonian company, Bondora optimize their website for investors, by providing translation and localization services in 24 different languages!

Download the financial case study here.

Client – Bondora regularly requires internal communication documents, financial technology contracts and their company web pages for investors translated – a service Translate By Humans excels at, every single time!

Collaboration –Impressed with our sample translation in Estonian, Bondora asked for translation into 23 more languages. Adhering to the prescribed style and tone was an important aspect, one that we followed with precision.

Our Approach –A team of expert translators specifically created for Bondora, coupled with an integrated workflow system, expedited the translation process and increased efficiency.


About Bondora

BondoraBondora was founded over 10 years ago in the height of the global financial crisis. That was a time when the world was in need of fair access to finance and a technological revolution. Today, Bondora serves over 400,000 people from 85 countries. The company ensures everyone can access the world of finance, whether they need a loan or just want to grow their hard-earned money. All of it online. On any device. And it just takes a minute.


Major Roadblocks

  • Selecting and managing over 28 translators and proofreaders across different platforms
  • Highly time-consuming manual correspondence
  • Quality of translations
  • High costs
  • Language style and tone requirements rarely met


A Way Forward

  • A dedicated project manager and a team of financial translation experts
  • Reduced manual inputs with a third-party integration platform
  • One point of contact ensures client feedback is incorporated and translations are highly standardized
  • In-house provision of translation memory to reduce costs
  • Highly experienced substitute translators in the absence of regular translators


Project Impact 

One stop solution for all language translation needs

Language services require minimal revisions
Monetary benefits from the creation of a thorough translation memory
Business expansion to 9 more countries
Multilingual resources to over 40,000 global investors


We love Translate By Humans’ friendly approach and high-quality services!  Feedback is always well incorporated and management effort on our part has been greatly reduced.

Pille Lamp, Project Manager – Translations


About Translate By Humans
Translate By HumansTranslate By Humans is a professional translation and localization company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We offer quick, accurate and affordable services in almost all prevalent languages and dialects across the world. Our range of services include translation, transcription, voice-overs, and subtitling for the financial industry, among others. We only employ native language experts with extensive experience to ensure the best quality language services.

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