Ruju Patel is the Content Manager at Translate By Humans and leads the Content and Design Team. She has a background in Psychology and Business and former experience as an HR professional. She is a people’s person and a pro at drafting contracts, policies, and articles. Her creative edge helps give life to all the written and graphic content produced by the company. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her reading with her cats or combining her love for food and culture by traveling around the world!

Translator Interview with Thomas Nielsen (Part Two)

Every month, we interview one of our translators and share their insights with you. Last month we published the first part one of our interview with highly experienced, electronics engineer turned English to Danish translator – Thomas Nielsen! In this part, Thomas, who lives in Denmark, talks to us about best practices for business and entrepreneurship.

Case Study – Financial Translations for Alpha Grid

Banking and finance are closely linked to the global economy, a subject area that connects people from the most remote corners the world. It is, therefore, necessary to have content available to readers in a language most comfortable to them. In this case study, find out how Translate By Humans provides top quality financial translation and localization services to Alpha Grid, a media company owned by The Financial Times.

The Festive Days of Diwali!

Happy Diwali! Today happens to be one of the most auspicious days for the world’s second most populated country – India! Diwali is known as the festival of lights. Homes, offices, and shops are illuminated a few days before Diwali using diyas which are small earthen containers that hold oil and a cotton wick, lit to drive away evil. Intricate patterns and designs are made using brightly colored sand along with seasonal flower petals. The night sky is always full of fireworks in celebration of the festival! Read the post to find out how Diwali is celebrated across India and the world!

Translator Interview with Thomas Nielsen (Part One)

Our monthly translator interview series continues! Today we have with us, Thomas Nielsen from Denmark who specializes in Danish translations and is a master of many others. Here’s the first part of the interview where Thomas talks about himself, his family and journey from being an electronics engineer to becoming a full-time translator.

Translator Interview with Thanh Nguyen

The young and dynamic team at Translate By Humans is always on the lookout for new experiences and engaging conversation. This interview series fits in well with our collective goal of traveling the world and interacting with new people! Join us as we virtually experience a new country, language, and culture through our translators, every month. Today’s post features the ever friendly, Thanh Nguyen from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Translator Interview with Joshua Pachner

We love interacting with our translators beyond the business world to understand what inspired them to pursue a career in translation. Today we are in discussion with Joshua Pachner, one of our expert translators currently based in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the interesting life of Joshua and find out what it takes to be a multilingual translator, animal lover, husband and father!

The Magic of Translation Memories and Glossaries

When you partner with a language translation agency that has a solid reputation and has redeemed itself in the industry, you stand to gain so much more than just good quality translations. You benefit from better pricing, enhanced communication and the added advantage of a lot more choice. Always ask your project manager how they can cater to your specifications because if they can’t now, they most likely will not be able to when your business increases and that may be too late! Find out more about how translation memory, translation glossary, and variable pricing can help you lessen your translation costs and enhance the quality of work done by your service provider!

Language Translation in a World of Zeros and Ones

When it comes to language translation, the most important criterion in testing accuracy is contextual relevance. When something is being translated from one language to another, the context must be preserved and the meaning shouldn’t be lost. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Human translators triumph over machine translators because of our ability to differentiate and process all the possible sentence structures and usable words to find the combination that is best suited in a particular context.