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The Translate By Humans App for Zendesk – Version 2.0 Update

It is extremely exciting to begin 2019 with new upgrades to our products and services! At Translate By Humans, we love to learn and grow and taking steps towards creating a superior product helps us evolve. The rollout of the 2nd version of the Translate By Humans app for Zendesk multilingual support sees 3 major updates that will make life easier for customer support agents using our technology on the help desk tool.

Document Translation Done Right

Document translation is an important element of the larger umbrella of translation services. If a business wants to enter a new market, it will have to localize for the target audience, and document translation plays a vital role in this regard. These documents include key corporate, marketing and sales documents that can help the business convey its messaging in a language spoken by the people of that region. Document translation brings immense benefits to the table, and you must be able to leverage its potential.

Stories of Successful Multilingual Customer Service

Customers feel heard when you can speak their ‘heart language’ – their mother tongue or the language in which they think and internalize their outer experiences. Some of the world’s most successful companies realized this and have kept their ‘localization’ game on point. In this article, we will see what those companies did and why multilingual customer service is so crucial for long-term success.

The Journey that Led to Multilingual Customer Service

Consumers are data-savvy. They analyze reviews and compare prices. However, in the end, they make decisions based on what they feel about a company, a product or a service. Most companies are sensitive towards localization, but only those succeed who can speak the ‘heart language’ of customers by providing multilingual customer service. From the invention of the telephone to call centers, from 1800 numbers to chatbots, customer service has come a long way. It needed that journey because milestones helped companies realize where they were lacking and what were the best ways forward. Read more about the evolution of customer service in our first article from the series!

A Beginner’s Checklist for eCommerce Localization

Localization is a company’s effort to talk to its audience in a way that is easily understandable and acceptable by them. If we had to define the relationship between localization and translation, we would say that translation is a part of localization. Put simply, translation is the process of translating words or text from one language into another. On the other hand, with localization, an online store not only has to change its language but also adopt a whole new culture. With localization, eCommerce businesses can get a step closer to their visitors, by showing them things that are relevant to them.

A Quick Primer on Financial Translation

Financial translation services are a critical cog in the wheel of localization. By translating your company’s financial literature such as reports and regulatory material, research services, financial software and training manuals, customer support material and more, you make sure you are talking to your target market in a language they understand; this helps you set your business apart from the competition.

10 Reasons Why Subtitling Online Courses is Great for Business

The global eLearning industry will be worth a mammoth $275.10 Billion by 2022. This domain is gaining momentum, with both government and private organizations using eLearning to reach out to learners leveraging the potential of the World Wide Web to increase their knowledge and skill sets. Read on to learn of 10 incredible ways through which subtitling helps your eLearning modules and drives your larger goal of making an impact on viewers.

Financial Translation: The Language of Money

The global financial market is huge and growing fast with banks and financial services companies trying to get a foothold in newer markets to explore more lucrative growth options. Companies who have set up offices in countries other than their home ground need to standardize their processes and systems to achieve a degree of consistency across their offices located around the world. At the same time, they must meet all the rules and regulations of their local markets, making financial translation and localization crucial to achieving global success.

How Your Mobile App Launch Strategy Needs More Than Just Translation!

In 2017, Google added 30 more languages to its voice search. Native language is the language of the heart. Language thus is about the native or local culture.

People are inherently cultural and language is an obvious medium to communicate that culture. So when it comes to a mobile application, it’s vital to localize the app as more than another marketing activity.

Reimagine Customer Experience with Localized Content and Data Driven Marketing

In this time and age, a customer is always spoilt for choice. Marketers have to employ new methods to attract customer attention, present differentiation and offer their value proposition.

At the same time, there is no dearth of businesses relying on old school-advertising and marketing methods. Many of them do not have any definite strategy or goals.

At the same time, there is no dearth of businesses relying on old school-advertising and marketing methods. Many of them do not have any definite strategy or goals. This means that with millions of dollars spent on digital marketing, there are very few businesses that are able to make efficient use of the entire ecosystem.