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Dec 24, 2018

A Holiday To-Do List with a Twist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the world gearing up for the holidays, it’s hard to miss that its Christmastime. Nearly 160 countries celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas day. But even if you don’t celebrate, this is the perfect time to take a much-needed break from your routine engagements and spend time with those closest to you. Our team at Translate By Humans has put together a to-do list that we can guarantee you will enjoy! It’s got all of our favorite holiday activities and traditions, so sit back with a mug of hot chocolate and let us help you plan your holidays!

1. Bring out the Christmas decor (ugly sweaters too!)

Christmas Decor

There’s nothing more festive than twinkling lights and decorated trees. Decorate your home and work desk or make a subtle statement with some Christmas accessories and holiday wear. You could even go as far as sporting an ugly Christmas sweater! Whatever be your style, make sure you exhibit it in full exuberance.

2. Embrace the cold weather

Ice Skating

In most parts of the world, December is rather chilly. Whether it’s snowing where you are, or the sun is bright, step out of your comfort zone and spend some time outdoors. You could go ice-skating, caroling, sledding or just go for a walk, but make sure you catch some winter sunshine at its best.

3. Whip up some holiday favorites

Christmas Cookies

There’s something very comforting about walking into a warm home that smells of cinnamon, butter, and sugar! Do some festive baking to help you slip into the holiday spirit – we’re talking gingerbread men, rum and raisin cakes, mince pies and the works! We’ve all failed at a batch (or two) of Christmas cookies, but we assure you, the perfect recipe is out there and we think this one might just be it!

4. Volunteer for a good cause


As you celebrate good fortune and get ready to welcome a new year filled with hope, be a friend to someone in need. The best present you can give is that of your time, so volunteer and be an active part of the community. Visit an old-age home, orphanage, or a soup kitchen and be the reason for someone’s happiness this holiday season.

5. Write a letter to Santa and find out if you’re on the nice list

Letter to Santa

This one may not be for everyone, but we’ve all got that special child in our lives whose wishes we want to see come true. Here is how you can actually send a letter to Santa – trust us,  this is a direct ticket to being the coolest aunt or uncle around! Also, don’t forget to handwrite some holiday cards to your loved ones and post them along with the letter to Santa!

6. Make handmade presents

Handmade Christmas Presents

Quiz your closest friends and you’ll know that the most remembered and cherished presents are those which are handmade. Handmade gifts take time, effort and a lot of love. Even if you are not crafty or creative, try your hand at making a present for someone special, we can guarantee that the extra effort will be worth it and in most cases, a lot more cost effective. Here are some great ideas for you to try!

7. Host a holiday gift exchange

Christmas Gift Exchange

Hosting a gift exchange is a great way to engage all your invitees and ensure that everyone goes home with a present. While Secret Santa is a one way to amuse a crowd, our vote goes to hosting a white elephant gift exchange. It is a fun game that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

8. Attend a winter concert

Winter Concert

Most places will host one or many concerts during the winter and festive season. Whether it is carols that interest you or another genre of music, it is fairly simple to find an event that you could attend with a group or friends or relatives.

9. Watch a holiday movie

Christmas Movies

There are several movies that are centered around the holidays- remember the Home Alone series or the vintage classic – White Christmas? Snuggle up with a blanket and a warm winter beverage to watch one of your favorite movies this year. Netflix and Amazon Prime have some great picks to choose from!

10) Visit a holiday market

Holiday Market

In the run-up to Christmas, open-air holiday markets are abuzz with people. You can find everything from last-minute presents to baked goodies and winter wear. We highly recommend stopping at one of the stalls for some mulled wine or hot cocoa as you make your way around.

We hope this list keeps you busy through the holidays. Check out our blog for some relaxed winter reading.

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Ruju Patel

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