Jan 28, 2021

4 Animal Translator Apps To Understand Your Furry Friends

My colleague Ruju happens to be a cat mom – she has two cats. Every time I visit her, Blackie tries to come near and smell me. She also makes some weird noises which I (obviously) assume are a ‘call to play.’

black cat
My colleague Ruju’s cat – Blackie – staring right at you.

To my dismay, she leaves me and doesn’t respond to my gestures (coaxing her into playing with me). However, she continues to smell my bag and jacket.

Well, if Blackie is psychically communicating with me, I wouldn’t know! 😀

If you think understanding an animal’s language is a hair-splitting, mind-numbing, and nerve-wracking task, you are not alone. The internet is full of funny posts and memes about humans trying to decode what their pets are saying or thinking.

dog language communication

We, at Translate By Humans, have been helping humans understand each other across the world. So, we thought, why not extend our special services for your furry friends too? Oh wait no – we’re not starting animal translation services (sorry Blackie). This is just a nifty list to help you discover apps made to aid human-animal communication.

Are you ready to become a purr-fect co-moo-nicator?

Cat & Dog Translator

Offered by: Petmoji tools
Available on: Google Playstore

Did he say ‘woof’ or ‘wuoof’?

Just press a button, record the sound, and voila – it’s like your pet is speaking English! This app helps you communicate with dogs and cats of various breeds and understand their sounds. It has some additional features, too.

  • Cat/Dog Simulator: The app collects real animal sounds and simulates them for every mood – hungry, angry, frightened, etc. Just a click and you’ll magically speak ‘meow’ and ‘woof’.
  • Pet Album: It’s no secret – all pet owners are obsessed with their animal partners (Ruju’s phone has millions of pictures of Blackie and Ginger). This app helps you store, categorise, and edit your pet’s pictures, all in one place.

MeowTalk Cat Translator

Offered by: Akvelon Inc
Available on: Google Playstore and App Store

Did you know that your cat’s ‘meow’ might not be the same as your neighbour’s cat’s ‘meow’? It is possible. Just like your English might not be the same as my English. MeowTalk recognises this and uses machine learning to decode your cat’s sounds. It then translates them into the human language (for you to read).

The app categorises sounds into nine intents (or moods) of your cat:

  • In Pain
  • Happy/Content
  • Resting
  • Defense
  • Angry
  • Mating Call
  • Attack
  • Hunting
  • Mother Call

What’s more? It can also help you understand your cat’s meows. For instance, if you add some examples of a specific sound and what it meant for your cat, the app learns and starts recognising that sound. As you learn more about your cat, so does the app 🙂

Talk With Dog – Pet Translator

Offered by: Yuriy Matlakhov
Available on: App Store

What’s the ideal way to prank a dog lover? Well, bark and woof! Like other apps, this app too helps you translate your dog’s sounds. It also enables you to translate your words into barks and woofs. Just hit ‘record’ and say something – the app translates it for your dog.

See how the app helps you determine your dog’s mood

This could be the ultimate fun thing to do with your pet. Play those sounds and see their response. On the other hand, you can also have the ‘why don’t you stick to the meal and sleep schedule I’ve set for you’ argument with them. Finally.

Wait, that’s not it. We’ve got another app suggestion that doesn’t help you interpret your pet’s sounds but instead helps you see the world from their eyes. We thought you would like a little bonus 🙂

Animal Vision Simulator

Offered by: Humble Kid Creation
Available on: Google Playstore

Your animal partner sees the world differently. Depending on how colour sensitive a living being’s visual system is, they either have a great vision or not-so-great vision. While you have three types of colour-detecting cells in your system, dogs have just two. So, your furry friend cannot distinguish colours as you do. On the other hand, if you have a pet spider, you can be proud of its vision. A spider can have eight pairs of eyes (depending on its species) and an excellent vision.

How an owl’s vision looks in the Animal Vision Simulator App

This app shows you the world from your pet’s perspective. You can take pictures, upload them in the app, and see for yourself. The app’s users appreciate the visual effects and are especially fascinated with snakes’ vision.


When you search for animal translator apps, you might find Google Translate for Animals. The video or article will guide you to the Android market and ask you to install the app. It translates all the woofs, meows, neighs, oinks, and more sounds you have wanted to understand for a long time.

You must make sure that “the animal you’d like to translate is calm and at ease. Depending on the animal in question, you may wish to stroke or pet it as you bring the handset close to its mouth.” Also, “it is not Google’s responsibility if you are offended or disappointed by what your chosen animal may say.”

Before you get too excited – this was Google’s 2010 April Fool’s joke for its fans!  

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