Feb 06, 2020

 12 Pizzas from Around the World to Try this #NationalPizzaDay!

Dough. Sauce. Cheese. What’s not to love? With a dish that can be made as simple or elaborate as desired, pizza is a household favorite in nearly every corner of the world, and rightfully so! Pizza consumption fuels a multi-billion dollar industry, with more than 5 billion pizzas sold worldwide each year! 

Whether you eat your pizza with your hands or with a fork and knife, whether you like it topped with veggies or meats, or your crust thick or thin, if you’re a fellow pizza lover, this infographic is for you! 

This National Pizza Day (February 9th), expand your knowledge of how pizza is made and eaten in different parts of the world. From the Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza rooted in the heart of America to Pide, a Middle Eastern variety of pizza from Turkey, learn how this versatile culinary creation can satisfy taste buds around the world!

But first, read what these pizza enthusiasts have to say about their favorite dish:

“Never eat a New York slice with a fork or spoon. The best way is folded in half as the grease drips down your arm!”

Taima Ramsey, Founder, and Editor at Poor In A Private Plane

“In Denmark, we usually have pizza with wine when eating out at restaurants and pizzerias. We regard it more as a proper meal than as fast food. Eating pizza is more of a weekend or a dining activity here.”

Torben Lonne, Diver, Co-Founder & Chief Editor, Dive.in

New Jersey is known for having a large population of people from Italian descent, we’re also known for our amazing Jersey tomatoes, so perhaps that’s a factor in why it’s so delicious. New Jersey has the classic thin-crust style, with real pizza veterans opting for anchovies as a topping, while most others add classic ingredients like red pepper flakes or extra parmesan cheese. An order of garlic knots on the side is a must!”

– Kerianne Vianden, Website Content Writer, Hotels4Teams

India has a unique way of making pizza. Instead of just Italian cheese, they use cottage cheese as a topping with both veg and meat toppings.”

– Jennifer Wilnechenko, Editor, Etia

Milwaukee, WI was home to some of the most important breweries, including Miller Brewery, Pabst Brewery, and Schlitz Brewery. Rumor has it that the reason for the tavern cut (squares instead of triangles) is so that you can more easily hold a slice in one hand and a beer in another!”

-Theresa Nemetz, Founder, Milwaukee Food & City Tours

Pizza from around the world infographic

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